CK2 The New Fragrance From Calvin Klein

I’ve always loved the original CK1 fragrance. I remember when it launched in South Africa (which back then, was much later than the rest of the wold), was one of those “it” fragrances that every one wanted. An Icon if you will.

For the latest launch from Calvin Klein, the new CK2 is again a clean, crisp scent that’s fresh and so very Calvin Klein. It’s a classic throwback to the very popular CK1 fragrance, intended to reinterpret minimalism and aimed at both men and women. Everything about this fragrance is minimalist, but don’t be fooled into thinking the scent is boring.


Packaging wise, the design is clean and sleek, with a subtle futuristic element to the bottle itself. The bottle is really cool – it looks like a giant capsule, and has a really cool thick stand that serves as its cap.

You can store it cap-side down (as I have done – simply because I rotate through many different fragrances, so I like to keep them closed), or you can flip it over and it transforms into an easy access stand – a great idea if you plan on using CK2 as your every day scent. Either way, it looks super cool anywhere you decide to place it.


Now lets talk about the scent shall we. The pure, transparent juice inside is light and bright. It’s an instantly recognisable Calvin Klein signature. When you smell this fragrance, you can pick up on Calvin Kelin’s design influence – think pure white design, beige and subtle earthy tones that are clean, crisp and perfectly tailored.

CK2 opens with an interesting note of Wasabi coupled with Mandarin Orange and Violet Leaf, which give it an unexpected combination of clarity and zest. In the heart lies an interesting note that I have not encountered in a fragrance before, Pebble, which gives it a rocky, marine like breeziness – a little bit salty air-ish, but more earthy if you will. The pebble notes are coupled with a heart of Orris Root, giving it a slightly bitter powdery vibe and Rose, which to be perfectly honest, is not overly sweet or stand out – therefore keeping it truly unisex.

The base notes surround a beautiful concoction of Vetiver (one of my faves and very prominent to me), Sandalwood (another fave) and Incense which keep it lingering for longer.

If you loved the original CK1 fragrances, chances are you’ll love this one too! I also think if you’re into clean and bright notes that aren’t overly spicy, flowery, or soapy, then give this a whiff and let me know what you think of it.

CK2 is available in three size variants, all three Eau de Toilette versions; 30ml for R665, 50ml for R835 and 100ml for R1170.

Happy sniffing!


Dimi Ingle

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