The Cashmere Sweater

After this weekend’s chilly blast, I thought today would be the perfect time to talk about one of my most coveted pieces – the cashmere sweater… The king of all knits! I popped into ZARA the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted the most perfect cashmere sweater ever! Spoiler alert… It is a heck of a pricey item and I am still weighing my options, so thought I’d share a few local finds if you too are looking to beat the cold in style with a little cashmere this season.

I would probably  never spend that kind of cash on a “department store” jersey. Shoes, yes – without blinking an eyelid – but clothes…. Let’s just say I’m not as blind when it comes to clothing prices as I am with shoes. I mean, give me any shoe, any price and I bet I could justify its worth! What can I say? It’s built into my DNA (thanks Dad). But cashmere is different. Branded or not, cashmere is a very special item and there are reasons for its hefty price tag.

But what makes a Cashmere Sweater, or cashmere anything for that matter oh so amazing?…. The wool used in Cashmere is different to that of sheep wool and is obtained from specially breeded Cashmere goats. Cashmere wool is softer, it feels incredibly luxurious and the fine texture not only adds to its softness, but it makes it super warm too. Cashmere is said to provide three times the insulation to that of sheep’s wool. So if you want warmth without loading up on layers, a 100% cashmere sweater would be like wearing three wool knits sans the bulk.

The closest I’ve come to owning cashmere is my beloved Country Road jumper that has 5% cashmere in the blend. Even then, with only 5% it feels far superior to any of my other knits. 100% Cashmere is like pure luxury to the touch!

Now, your jaw may drop after seeing the prices of these beauts featured, but all of these knits are actually rather well priced to say the least. According to Cashmere Org, it takes the fleece of more than two goats to create a two ply sweater and between four to six cashmere goats to create a sports jacket, or as we call them, blazers/coats.

Take your pick! From Left: 95% Cashmere Rollneck Trenery (R2799), ZARA Oversized Cashmere Knit (R1999), Kinsley Cashmere Pullover – Poetry (R1499), Navy Poloneck Jumper – H&M Premium (R1199).

Dimi Ingle

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