Rounding up 6 of the Best Winter Booties

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of tan, leather winter booties for some time, and I’m happy to say that that the hunt is finally over! I spotted some great winter boots, or rather booties at Edgars, Woolies, ZARA as well as Tread + Miller, before finally deciding on T-H-E a perfect pair from Dune London. If you’re on the lookout for some fab winter booties this season, I’ve rounded up all the booties that caught my eye and why.

But first, say hello to my new babies! The Penny Boots from DUNE London. For some time, my boot radar has been tuned in, to find that one perfect pair of booties just like these! Something not too trendy, yet beautiful, tan, with just a bit of a heel, comfortable and that I could wear with just about anything.


I found these by fluke. I drove to Edgars Menlyn hoping to find my size in a pair of BCBG Generation laceup heels, which where sold out at The Mall of Africa, and that’s where I spotted these. I haven’t had luck with ankle booties in the past, so when the BCBG Generation shoes didn’t work out (sniff, sniff), I spotted these on the DUNE shelf and reluctantly tried them on. It was as if I could hear the harps and see the pearly gates in front of me!

Had I really just found the perfect pair of booties? YES! And I’ve already gotten so much wear out of them. The thing I love about these is the cut. They have a beautiful downward curve, so they are not cut straight at the top. That curve makes all the difference; it doesn’t cut my leg in half, which means my legs don’t look short, stubby and like stuffed sausages, but rather just legs with a really great pair of boots on them.

I plan on wearing these all winter long and well into spring. Cuffed jeans for winter and with cute dresses and denim jackets as we get back into warmer weather later this year.

While on my solo bootie expedition, I found a few other cute pairs of winter booties that caught my eye…


I loved these ZARA BASIC Booties in suede. They kinda remind me of an old pair of cowboy boots I had way back when, sans the stitching pattern detail which is common with cowboy boots. These have a pointy toe, much like a pair of cowboy boots, just a bit more subtle. Now, as much as I like the look of these, pointy shoes, especially boots, always make me feel like I have massive feet – even though I’m a pretty common size 6.

Nonetheless, if you’re into pointy shoes, this bootie will probably make you smile! They also had the exact same style in a black leather version. If you look at the corner of my photo, you’ll see them just peeking out.


It was a close decision between my Dune London Penny boots and these Janella 28 Ankle Booties I spotted at Aldo. Both styles had exactly what I was looking for in an everyday pair of booties.

In the end, I preferred the zipper details on my Dune London pair and I also preferred how my Penny boots were cut at the top; with a little curve detail, as apposed to these Aldo Janella boots, which are cut straight across. Still, a great looking boot and as you can tell from my in-store snap, they come in black too.


Let’s just get something out of the way real quick. When I shop for something, I always have a plan. Before stepping into a mall, I know exactly what I’m looking for and I make it my mission to find it without distraction. That distraction is what I call impulse shopping – which often happens, but as I become more wary of editing my closet with quality over quantity, I don’t like to be persuaded to change my mission until it is complete. I’ll spend days, months, even years looking for what I want until I find it and always make sure that it is the most perfect item that fits within my budget.

Now that that is out of the way, these Country Road Suzette Booties from Woolworths nearly became my distraction. When I spotted them, I literally had to argue with myself that I needed the tan pair of ankle booties more than these, and it was sort of that decision, you know, when you tell yourself “ok if I don’t find what I’m looking for then I’ll come back for these”.

Even though I found EXACTLY what I was looking for shortly after spotting these, I may still have to give the Suzette Boots a fair chance, as they are beautiful! They are higher than ankle boots, yet shorter than knee length boots, so somewhere in between, which may or may not work on my legs – but next time I’m near a Country Road, I need to try them on.


These Steve Madden Ohio Boots were kinda cute too! I love the fringe detail on the side and again, they have something so very reminiscent about cowboy boots going on at the top. I think these would have been a great addition to my booties collection, had it existed with a pair of simple, not too trend focused booties already.

While I love the fringe detail, I just thought my Dune Penny Boots were a better choice as they are not so trend focused and I’ll likely get more wear out of them.


These Rare Earth Leigh Booties from Tread + Miller, although black caught my eye with their sleek ribbing detail. They sort of have a bit of a bad girl/ Harley Davidson/ Sons of Anarchy vibe going on, which I love! If these were full boots (as in higher), I would totally get them, since I have been looking for a pair of edgy motorcycle style boots too.

Still, I feel like I need these too! Should I, shouldn’t I?

Which style is your fave? Take my poll below and let me know what boot styles you’re loving right now by leaving your thoughts in the comments section.

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Prices (as at 16-05-2016)

  • DUNE LONDON Penny Boots – R1849.95
  • ZARA BASIC Boots – R1399
  • ALDO Janella Ankle Booties – R1699
  • Country Road Suzette Booties – R1899
  • Steve Madden Ohio Boots  R1499
  • Rare Earth Leigh Booties R1299
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