Third Fraxel Dual Laser… Done and dusted

For those of you keeping up with my Fraxel Dual Laser Journey, which I am doing to help get rid of pigmentation on my face, I have the third installment and some thoughts for you today….


Ok, so this is what my bare skin looks like right now. I shot this photo today, six weeks following my third Fraxel Dual Laser treatment, which was on the 4th of April.

This time around, it took my skin about 4 weeks to recover properly. While the whole redness, bronzing, “sore skin” sensation only lasted for 3 days (which was the same after my previous two sessions), I had to deal with a bit of redness on my cheek area for a few weeks following, but it looks like it’s cleared up nicely. YAY

For my third session, Dr Lawn took the Fraxel Dual Laser up to 50%, which was only 10% more than my second treatment. It’s amazing how big a difference in terms of pain and tolerance that extra 10% was. During my first and second session, I thought the pain level was really tolerant, and trust me when I say I don’t do pain. Session 1 and 2 weren’t sore as such, just a little uncomfortable, but totally fine.

The first session was at 20%, the second at 40%, and the third one at 50%. Lets just say that I could definitely feel the pain in my third session. I am so glad that I went with a professional doctor to handle my laser treatment, because it’s important to consider your skin first and try out different levels of intensity, to see what each ones individual needs are. Had I gone in at 50% the first time, I am sure my skin would have reacted a lot worse due to the shock, but having increased the intensity with each session, helped my skin “get used” to the laser without going into it guns blazing or so to speak.

During my first four passes I was really ok. I could feel it a lot more, but I knew it would be worth the discomfort of the moment. When Dr Lawn went in for the second set of passes, I could feel my face stinging, it was painful, yes, yet I survived and it’s all good now. I’m going for my fourth and final treatment later this month, but I think 50% is my limit.

If you’re afraid to try Fraxel Laser and feel nervous about the pain, don’t be! It’s important to point out that the pain is really only prominent as the laser passes your skin. Afterwards, you just feel flushed and not really “in pain”. During the Fraxel Laser, one of the therapists assists Dr Lawn, and uses the machine’s cooling pipe to reduce the sensation of the heat, and it helps a lot!

I am really happy with the results so far! I still have pigmentation, which is more of an outline now, than horrible uneven patches on my face, but I often forget how bad it was before my first Fraxel Dual!

Obviously my ultimate goal is to get rid of it 100% so my skin can look fresh like a new born baby’s bottom, but the reduction in the pigmentation’s intensity has made such a difference and I would certainly recommend Fraxel Dual to anyone suffering with the same issues.

Here’s a closer look at my biggest “problem area” – the forehead.


As you can see there is a slight improvement between the third pic (3 weeks following my second treatment) and the fourth pic, which is now, 6 weeks following my third Fraxel Dual treatment. But the difference between the top pic (which was taken on the day of my first Fraxel Dual laser) and now is pretty impressive. See how much “blurrier” its become? Even my skin texture looks way better and more refined without any makeup.


Above are the same comparison photos with the solarized filter so you can see the pigmentation better. I don’t see a major change between the second and third Fraxel in these photos, but it does look like it’s breaking up more and not looking as condensed and prominent as it was. The pictures of the skin comparison show a big improvement.

Overall I am very happy and if you suffer with a similar condition, do yourself a favour and try out Fraxel Dual laser at Skin Renewal. Even if it doesn’t completely disappear, trust me it is so worth it! The reduction in the intensity of my pigmentation and the reduction of blotchiness has been a godsend!

While I still use foundation because I like a flawless looking skin, I don’t have to cake on the face and a little covers well, with only a dab of concealer in one or two spots on my forehead. My skin condition though is years younger! Im 35 years old, and in the past couple of weeks, I’ve had two people literally shocked to discover I wasn’t in my 20’s! How awesome!

So thanks Skin Renewal, thanks Dr Lawn and thanks Fraxel Dual Laser for shaving years off my face and sending me back to my twenties 🙂

Stay tuned to see my final result!



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