Repetto Eau Florale

Happy Fragrance Friday beautiful people! Today, I want to brighten your winter mood with a pretty fragrance that is the perfect rose! Just rosey enough to keep its elegant sophistication, yet playful enough to bring out the fun, girly side of you and a scent that will make you want to put on your best tutu and twirl!

Rose is the signature composition of Repetto Eau Floral, a prominent note in the opening and heart accords. The rose is subtle at first, slowly greeting you with an energetic boost of Pink Grapefruit and Cherry Blossom. Rose then comes out to play again as the heart notes start to develop with Violet, Cedar and Patchouli, before developing fully on a base comprised of a single dry down note of Amber.

It’s a floral scent that isn’t sweet, and as you know I’m not into overly rose scents, mainly becuase I find them too sweet. However Repetto Eau Floral is a softer rose that’s more romantic and graceful.

I loved the original Repetto EDP for it’s simple ladylike sophistication. Repetto Eau Floral is the brighter, more luminous concentrate carried radiant energy.

I do love the story behind a fragrance, and I thought Repetto’s interpretation of the Eau Floral story was just beautiful…

After having captured the grace of prima ballerinas in its Danseuses Etoiles fragrance in 2013, the ultimate sensuality of a ballerina about to take centre stage, Repetto launches a unique chapter in its olfactory history: Act III, a fragrant veil on the skin, like a ray of light, a delicate quivering of tulle.

The heart beats faster and energy radiates throughout the body – a new muse leaps forward. The ballet’s prima ballerina, she carries within her the excitement of her youth and the thunderous applause that closes the performance. In her dressing room, bouquets of roses surround her. She is celebrated by her public, entranced by her grace.

From this irresistible freshness, a new creation is born: Repetto’s Eau Florale, joie de vivre in an audacious and exhilarating scent.

To represent this Act III in their creative history, perfumers Juliette Karagueuzoglou and Nicolas Beaulieu imagined a subtle rain of petals, like those that accompany applause at the end of a ballet. A sparkling composition that looks back to the first of Repetto’s fragrances with a touch of tenderness, whilst telling a unique story of freshness.

This time, the rose that is common to all three fragrances, like a narrative thread, is just the opening. It is still a bud, filled with dew. To set the stage, the two perfumers chose the energizing zest of grapefruit with a surprising note of plum blossoms. “This floral scent emanates the delicacy of summer fruits, when they are ripe and juicy,” they reveal. An explosive temperament, like that of the prima ballerina.

The heart note, the rose, opens slowly as it encounters a bouquet of violets. On the skin, the sharp sensation of Virginian cedar has replaced the dark patchouli used in the other two fragrance compositions. Finally, a touch of ambergris adds a sensual character to the fragrance. A true whirlwind of sensations, like tutus twirling on stage.

Give it a sniff, let me know what you think…

Price: R1095/ 80mls


Dimi Ingle

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