Ridiculously Delicious Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

I’m the ultimate Nutella fan; whether I’m scooping it straight out the jar, enjoying it in a croissant or baking with it, Nutella is the food of the Gods and today I’m sharing my ultimate winter indulgence…. My ridiculously delicious, ridiculous decadent, ridiculously chocolately, never mind ridiculously easy Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe…

All you need is milk (I like using Parmalat Easygest lactose-free milk),  a microwave, Nutella (about 3 tablespoons) and a couple of Oreo biscuits for extra chocolate-ness and to add a little embellishment to your indulgence. You can embellish your hot chocolate even further – depending on how many calories you’ve got to spare. Try sprinkling the top with mini Marshmallows (I’ve only ever been able to find them at Woolies), and if you’re a fan of whipped cream – which I am not – then go for it, sit back and say ahhhhhhhhh! really-easy-and-quick-nutella-hot-chocolate-recipe-stylescoop-lifestyle-blog-south-africa-step-1 Fill your mug with cold milk and stick it in the microwave for around 3 minutes. Once it’s done, take it out and remove the layer of milk skin that forms at the top. really-easy-and-quick-nutella-hot-chocolate-recipe-stylescoop-lifestyle-blog-south-africa-step-2 Next up, add Nutella. Lots and lots of Nutella! For this recipe I used 2 and half tablespoons, but you can adjust depending on 1-how chocolately you want your drink to be, 2-how big your mug is (mine is around 300ml) 3-how many calories you have to spare, or 4-assuming you have more than a tablespoon of Nutella left in your jar – which in my case is very rare.

Add the spoonfuls of Nutella in one at a time and stir constantly in the milk so that it melts almost completely off the spoon. Do this each time to you add a tablespoon.

Pretty easy hey!? Now lets make it even more chocolately, decadent and delicious… really-easy-and-quick-nutella-hot-chocolate-recipe-stylescoop-lifestyle-blog-south-africa-step-3 Take 2 Oreo biscuits, crush them up and sprinkle them on top! Then let your ridiculously delicious hot chocolate stand for about a minute, switch off your phone, put your feet back and enjoy!

I promise you, you wont want any interruptions while enjoying your Nutella Hot Chocolate, and trust me when I say the world can wait while you enjoy, and I mean really enjoy each ridiculously decadent sip! how-to-make-nutella-hot-chocolate-recipe-stylescoop-lifestyle-blog-south-africa-step-3really-easy-and-quick-nutella-and-oreo-hot-chocolate-recipe-stylescoop-lifestyle-blog-south-africa xo [signature]

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  1. Lalannie Knoll
    May 26, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    Dimi… this is actually dangerous…. hahahha but sounds delectable!!

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