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New season, new wants! If you’re a regular here on StyleScoop you know I have a major bit of an obsessive personality! I see something I need like and I obsess about it, for days! I research it and practically know enough about it to submit a thesis on it. Pity schooling wasn’t about clothes, makeup or shoes because I so would have been a straight A student! Which brings me back to today’s post about my current obsessions! With June being the “official” month of winter in SA, there’s a couple of cozy things on my radar…

Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over-the-Knee Boot

Every international blogger has featured these shoes about a billion and one times on their blogs and social media channels. I had seen their outfits and loved the boots, but it wasn’t until I tried on their butter soft suede-ness that I really started to obsess! No wonder the bloggers who love these boots have them in multiple colours, because, yes they are THAT amazing!

What is not amazing however, is the price! SPITZ and a shoe shop at Hyde Park had these same Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots, just shy of R10k -gasp! And that’s not a bad price considering… I priced them online and buying from Neiman Marcus, before customs and shipping, they come to over R13 500! Add customs, vat, duties all that not so fun stuff and you’re looking at R20592.80 and that my friends, is with free shipping! Scary, but true!

Will I ever get these? Probably not – unless I win the magic lottery – but I guess you’ve got to be in it to win it as they say, and I don’t play lotto! So I guess no, these will just stay on my wishlist forever!

I will say that if I had R10K in my back pocket right now, I’d be heading straight for these boots! All I have in my back pocket at the moment is a big ‘ol ball of lint, and that just ain’t gonna turn into moolah no matter how much I apply the power of The Secret!

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

This scent is everything! It smells so amazing there is nothing in this world quite like it! I got the small, 30ml bottle of it about five years ago and I have a teeny amount left because I only ever use it on very special occasions.

As a complete perfume hoarder, I don’t really need more fragrances, but we’re not talking about needs today, we’re talking about wants! And I want it!

Superdry Megan Flag Leather Jacket

Can you say awesome-amazing-incredible?! How insanely gorgeous is this leather jacket?! I am obsessed! I want it, I need it, I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I actually tried on the chocolate brown version of this same jacket, and I tell you, we were made for each other!

It’s one of those items that I just can’t get out of my mind! I have really nice leather jacket that the hubz bought me for my birthday a few years back, and while I still love it – and yes, you don’t need two leather jackets – this Superdry one is different enough to justify needing it as well!

It’s more of an aviator style, whereas the one I have is a little more biker-ish and this one is suuuuuuch a great style. So warm and cozy!

Pandora Majestic Feathers & Circle Stud Earrings

I’ve been eyeing these beautiful earrings from Pandora for some time and I just need to finish paying up my Edgars account so that I can add them to my collection – haha! I love them!

I actually love the look of wearing both of these pairs together. Luckily I have double piercings in each ear, which means I need two pairs and these two are sooooo beautiful!

I’m really loving Pandora’s jewellery lately and I try to make a point to stop by and check out their collections.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Pandora bracelet, because they have beautiful rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants in addition to their gorgeous and unique charms.

The Kooples Minibox Bag

I saw this beaut of a bag at The Kooples launch event -the French brand opened their first store in SA at the Mall of Africa- and I fell in loooove! It’s so edgy, so unique and just tell me it’s not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen!

I love the silvered baroque buckle with the double lions in the front and the edgy chunky chain detail! So friggin awesome!

It’s made from 100% cow leather, which means we will be joined at the hip – should we ever tie the knot, but oh, I DO!

Michael Kors CLEMENTINE II Sunglasses

I still have my heart set on these Michael Kors CLEMENTINE II sunglasses which I mentioned in my “Oh Michael” post last year, showcasing some of my favourite styles from the brand.

They are super cool and very rock-star-ish! When I tried these on I instantly felt like someone famous haha! I love the fact they cover my cheeks without being too oversized that they cover my entire face. I need them! I need them! I need them!

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