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I don’t know if I’ve said this enough, but I LOVE ESSIE! Every time they launch a new collection, I get excited and their Winter Collection has me feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy! It’s titled Ski Chic Adventure and the Global Colour Designer for this collection is none other than one of my favourite designers, Rebecca Minkoff! It’s a winter wonderland of pretty, wintery nail colours that will melt your heart…



The collection was dreamed up to capture Rebecca Minkoff’s “magical frozen beauty of winter”. Six shades which she calls “perfect for me-time or ski-time” colours!


I think this collection is an ideal interpretation of winter. The fiery reds remind me of sitting in front of a beautiful, roaring fireplace, the soft pastels remind me of cozy, fluffy throws and marshmallows, while the unusual black with metallic purple tones reminds me of gorgeous crackling wood. Oh and there’s a pretty gorgeous silver in there too!


There are two reds in the collection altitude attitude a sublime scarlet and shall we chalet a daring and seductive ruby red that’s impossible not to love!

I’ve never really been drawn to red nail polish, but they seem to be growing on me like crazy! It could be that reds are just getting it right these days, or it could be because I just love how reds look on my short nails at the moment.


Either way, I’ve been wearing more red than I ever thought I would. shall we chalet is my kinda red! It reminds me a tad of Essie’s with the band from the Autumn Collection – a shade I never liked at first, but now I love, although shall we chalet has more of a jewel toned red to it that’s beautiful!



Then there are two metallics that are insanely gorgeous! On the left is haute tub an indulgent jet black, with sparkly amethyst fire and on the right is apres-chic an iconic platinum and the ideal shade for a winter wonderland.


And I’ve saved the best for last! The pastels! On the left is peak show a scenic powder pink, that’s more white than pink, and on the right is virgin snow a pure, icy frozen lavender.


One of the nail art looks that ESSIE created for this collection was a combination of apres-chic and virgin snow, where they painted the entire nail with virgin snow and then accented the tips with apres-chic which made it look like beautiful snowflakes.

I wanted to try this look out but unfortunately my nails are currently to short to show any effect, but am dying to try it out when they grow a little longer.


Isn’t it such a great look?

What do you gals think? Any shades in this collection with your name all over them?


Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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