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I’ve been meaning to do an updated closet room tour (since it has been highly requested) so, this weekend after I finished giving my vanity a fresh coat of paint, I thought what better time to invite you on a little tour of my JHB closet.

It’s quite similar to my previous one from Durban, and I’m still using a lot of my old setup from the very first one. The only thing I’ve added is another bookshelf to display my boots, rather than have them squashed into the clothing rails, which works so much better!

My new closet room is a lot bigger than my Durban one, and it is even better because I have my own girly bathroom, so I don’t have to venture too far to get ready in the mornings. YAY! Previously, I was using the guest bathroom, but now that I have my own, it’s a lot easier when people come and stay with us.

Comment below and let me know if you’d like to see a bathroom tour. I’ve got a nifty little setup in this one that makes it super easy to access all my skin, body and hair care goodies and it looks super neat!

The only thing with my current closet room (and I’m not being bratty and complaining – lol), is that the centre seems very bare. When I have some extra cash, I want to invest in a beautiful, round ottoman for the centre, but for now the empty space will have to do.

So, without further or due, welcome to le StyleScoop closet Version 3! Well, technically this one would be version 4, since I transformed one of the spare bedrooms in our first JHB house into a closet, but it was very boring so I didn’t bother taking any pics of it – haha!

If you’d like to see the transformation of my closet rooms across the years, here’s the very first one from 2011. And then, here is how I transformed the same space in 2014 to make it less cluttered.













I still get asked all the time about my clothing rails. I purchased mine at least 5 years ago from MRP. Sadly, I have been looking out for them, but to my knowledge, they haven’t had them again. I found this local place online that have the same chrome wire shelves, but I haven’t seen the clothing rail attachment. It’s worth asking though as these shaves have been so versatile. I’m actually using my spare one in my bathroom, hence why I have double rails in one of the shelves.

To give you a nice overview of how my room is set up, I shot these two pano images on my iPhone, so you can get a realistic feel for my little piece of heaven…


As you walk in, I have my three ‘wardrobes’ against the left wall. On the wall facing the doorway, I have my vanity, my accessories cupboard and my little dolly and on the right wall are my two shoe shelves and the entrance to my bathroom.


On the back wall, I have a double built in. The smaller one is where I keep all my jackets and I’ve hung my hats against it. Click here if you want to see my neat hat trick. And lastly, on the other side of the door is another built in where I keep my jerseys, folded t-shirts, gym and clothes next to that my jeans are hung in the last cupboard.

I’m so in love with this space! Of all the closet transformations, this one is by far my favourite!

Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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