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When you think brows, the first beauty brand that comes to mind is Benefit! After all, Benefit was one of the first cosmetic brands to offer beautiful brow bars to customers, giving them a place where girls in-the-know can get brows on-the-go.

But if you don’t have time, don’t worry as now you can solve every one of your brow dilemmas at home with Benefit’s fantastic new range of brow products. There’s literally a brow product for every brow type; whether you want to liven up your brows, add fullness to sparse brows, deepen, darken, lighten, highlight or shape your brows, Benefit has you covered and today I’ll take you through the entire range and help you banish your brow dilemma.

So, what’s your brow dilemma?

Brow Dilemma: Brows Lack Volume & Shape?benefit-gimme-brow-stylescoop-beauty-blog-south-africa

So you need to add a little va-va-vooma to those brows, but you want them to look naturally full? Benefit GIMMEBROW is your brow dilemma, answered! The custom, miniature brush lets you easily apply the tinted brow gel to your brows, while the precision tip shapes those hairs in place and keeps them there.

Volume and fullness packed into one long-wearing, water resistant formula.

Available in: three shades including: 01 light, 03 medium and 05 deep
Price: R335.00

Brow Dilemma: Brows Need Conditioning/ Smoothing & Shapingbenefit-browvo-stylescoop-beauty-blog-south-africa

Benefit’s BROWVO Conditioning Primer is every girls best friend, no matter your brow dilemma. If you just want to give your brows a super natural finish, and shape the hairs perfectly in place, then BROWVO is the way to go! If you want to really make your brow application pop, then this acts as a fantastic primer to extend the wear of your brow products.

Plus it is full of keratin and soy proteins, which helps brows look thicker, fuller and all round healthier! Yasss please!

Available in: a clear eye brow serum suitable for all brow shades
Price: R395.00

Brow Dilemma: Brows Don’t Stay in Place

So, you’ve got brows, but they are wild and out of control? You need Benefit’s READY, SET, BROWto keep them tamed, shaped and perfectly in place. No strays and each brow hair will be kept exactly where you shaped it with this 24 hour clear brow gel.

The custom moulded, dual sided wand coats each brow hair, from root to tip, while the flake-free formula applies easily and dries up in seconds.

Available in: a clear eye brow gel suitable for all brow shades
Price: R335.00

Brow Dilemma: Shapeless, Sparse Brows That Lack Fullnessbenefit-precisely-my-brow-pencil-stylescoop-beauty-blog-south-africa

Need to fill those sparse brows to perfection? Fake em hairs with Benefit’s PRECISELY, MY BROW PENCIL. This ultra-fine brow pencil lets you draw incredibly soft, natural-looking strokes that look like real hair, and they’ll stay put for up to 12 hours!

The pencil tip is superfine, mimicking your natural hair, so when you draw on those brows, nobody will be the wiser. Perfect for shapeless and undefined brows to reach their filled potential.

Available in: six shades including; 01 light, 02 light, 03 medium, 04 medium, 05 deep and 06 deep
Price: R335.00

Brow Dilemma: Brows Need Shaping, Sculpting and Primping

Meet the perfect little, all-in-one brow kit, which has it all at your fingertips! The new and improved BROW ZINGS offers the perfect pair of brow products; one powder, one wax formula, plus a mini slant tweezer and Benefit’s new dual-sided extendable applicator to help you sculpt, shape and fill brows, so that every girl can get amaZING brows!

Shape your brows and give them colour with the wax formula, then set them in place for 12 hour wear using the natural shaded setting powder.

Available in: six shades including; 01 light, 02 light, 03 medium, 04 medium, 05 deep and 06 deep
Price: R445

Brow Dilemma: Brows Lack Drama & Boldness benefit-kabrow-stylescoop-beauty-blog-south-africa

You already have brows, but you want to add drama to them and really up the ante do you ya? Well gals, Benefit KA-BROW has your name written all over it! This brush on, rich, buildable colour gel easily fills in every area of your brows, giving you full on drama!

The applicator is absolutely genius! While the lid looks super pretty, like a sexy stiletto, it converts into a full sized brush in one easy step. Simply unscrew the lid, pop out the brush at the middle and place it backwards into the lid. Ta-da, you have a full sized, hard angled brush that makes drawing those brows a breeze!

KA-BROW is the perfect product to sculpt, define and create drama brows! Plus it is said to give you long lasting, 24 hour waterproof wear, which means you can enjoy those brows all day long!

Available in: six shades including; 01 light, 02 light, 03 medium, 04 medium, 05 deep and 06 deep
Price: R335

Brow Dilemma: My Dark Brows Need Softening

benefit-3dbrow-tones-stylescoop-beauty-blog-south-africaWant to tone down the natural depth of your brow shade? Believe it or not, Benefit has you covered here too! With a simple stroke of genius, you can add a subtle, natural looking enhancement to your brows with Benefit’s 3D Browtones, the incredible brush-on highlighting gel!

The mess proof brush applicator lets you apply product evenly from root to tip, softening the effect of darker brows. The subtle highlights bring light to your darker brows, and for lighter brows, this is a great product if you want to create depth and dimension without loading on too much colour!

Available in: two shades including; 02 light/ medium and 04 medium/ deep
Price: R335

Brow Dilemma: Brows Need a Lift

benefit-highbrow-highbrow-glow-stylescoop-beauty-blog-south-africaLift those arches and get your glow on with these two Benefit products; High Brow Glow is a glowing champagne-pink shade that adds lift, life and glowness to your arches, while the traditional High Brow illuminating pencil offers you a subtle matt finish highlight.

Both give you an instant lift with a single stroke and they blend beautifully to create a natural finished highlight.

Available in: high brow and high brow glow
Price: R305 each

Brow Dilemma: Brows Lack Fullness and Shape


If it’s filling and super easy brow shaping you want, Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil has you covered! With a soft, glide on formula that makes filling and shaping your brows easy peasy, you can’t go wrong!

The formula is said to offer up to 12 hours of waterproof longevity and it’s a great pencil to have on hand in your makeup bag for on the go touchups!

Love the little spoolie brush, which lets you brush and blend the product after application!

Available in: six shades including; 01 light, 02 light, 03 medium, 04 medium, 05 deep and 06 deep
Price: R335

High Brows = High Score, so what are you waiting for? May the Brow Force be with you!

I know you just can’t wait to get your hands on all of these amazing products! Which one will it be? A few of them are available right now at Red Square online, but you’ll have to hurry as you only have until the 15th July to grab and go!

If you do happen to miss out on the online pre-sale, don’t stress as you’ll be able to get the Benefit Brows range at Selected Edgars & Red Square Stores after the 15th August 2016.

I’m obsessed! I’ve been using the BROWVO! CONDITIONING PRIMER every day and filling my brows with the GOOF PROOF BROW PENCIL (I’m shade 4) and my brows are always on fleek if I do say so myself.

I love the GIMME BROW (I’m shade number 3) for when I want my brows to look oh-so natural and I when it’s drama I want, it’s drama I get with KA-BROW (shade number 4).



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