How To Use Benefit BrowVo & Gimme Brow

I’ve had a chance to play around with the goodies I got from the new Benefit Brows collection, and I have found my two perfect brow products. If your brows are like mine, and in need of a little fill and just plain awesomeizing, then stick around as today I’ve got a tutorial on how to use my two brow besties; Benefit BROWVO and GIMME BROW.

But first, let’s take a look at my “naked brows” without anything on them…


I’ve always liked the shape of my straight brows, and even though they are not identical, I almost never try to make them look the same. My brows are sisters, not twins, so I generally just go with their natural shape when I’m “ehnahcing them”.

As a kid I didn’t overpluck, because quite honestly, I never liked the look of super skinny brows. I also have a lot of lid-to-brow space, so having straight brows helps to minimize the amount of skin there. I think if my brows were really arched, and really skinny, I would look like a bit of a freak show – haha!

But anyways. I do tweeze my brows to get rid of any stray hairs under the arch area, but I dont tweeze the top of them at all. I quite like how they are a bit unruly towards the end. They aren’t really bushy, but my “tails” do tend to look a little messy, but I like that about them.

What my brows could do with is a little more volume and pop. As you can see I’ve also got what I like to call “my bald patches” in certain areas of the brow, so my goal is always to give them a bit of fullness, but still keep them natural.

I always go with the natural shape of my brows. I realise not every one likes their shape, but my straight brows are a feature I think is best suited for me. I hate it when I have my makeup done and the makeup artist goes for hectic arches or draws caterpillars on my brows. I always feel like I end up looking too harsh, and like a drag queen. haha. Sometimes, there’s a reason God gave you the shape he did. Well in my case at least.

If you want to go against your shape, because you either want to try something different, or you just dont like your shape, there’s a whole range of Benefit Brow products which you can check out on this post. But if you just want to emphasize your brows and keep them as natural as possible, then you might love this duo too!


I start out by using Benefit BROWVO Conditioning Primer. This is a fantastic product for every brow type. It helps to get my brows primed and ready for my GIMME BROW, but it also helps me to neaten my brows, map out my brow shape and pull any strays into place.

I like to apply it in a sideways direction, going across the brow, and then I like to brush the hairs at the inner edge of my brows upward so that they look more natural and slightly fanned out.


The applicator has a really cool, flattened tip with little bumps on it that allow you to brush your brows, and the clear gel keeps them in place. If you just want to give your brows shape and help them stay in place Benefit BROWVO Conditioning Primer is fab!

I like how it shapes my brows and keeps them looking natural. If I was going makeup free for the day, this would be enough for me, but since I have foundation and eyemakeup on, I always feel “undone” until my brows are finished. Know what I mean?


So to give my brows a bit of pop, I go in with Benefit GIMME BROW. This is one of Benefit’s older brow products (an oldie but a goodie), and it has been re-launched to match the new look of the entire Benefit Brows collection.

I had never used the older GIMME BROW so I can’t say much on this topic, but the new Benefit GIMME BROW is my favourite brow product from the entire collection. At least, for now.

What I love about GIMME BROW is the really small spoolie brush, which makes it an absolute dream to use. I don’t spend too much time on my brows, so this product is really quick and easy.

The small brush means I don’t end up with clumps of product on the brow hairs and it just blends into the hairs so naturally and effortlessly. The formula of GIMME BROW is a tinted gel, so it’s perfect for adding colour back into my brows and creating the illusion of more fullness.


I again, use it in sideways strokes, starting on the centre part of my brows and brushing up ever so slightly as I go along.

But here’s my trick. Since I don’t want heavily drawn brows, I put the majority of the product in the center of my brows, just before the arch and then, without dipping the spoolie back into the container, I work from middle towards the inner edges, and then from the middle towards the tails. If my tails need more defining, then I just hold the brush straight and drag it softly over the tails.

The effect is pretty natural and flawless even with my heavy hand.


I feel that this combination of brow products helps to keep my brows polished, yet natural without looking overdrawn, over arched or overdone.


Have you gals tried any of the Benefit Brows products before, and if so, tell me which ones are your fave and why.


Dimi Ingle

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