Escape To Provence with L’Occitane’s Anniversary Lavender & Verbena

This year, L’OCCITANE celebrates its 40th anniversary with limited edition Verbena & Lavender collectors items. These two plant sources have always been synonymous with the beauty and landscapes of the region of Provence, but also key ingredients used in L’OCCITANE’s most indulgent body and bath products…


Lavender was one of the first flowers distilled by Olivier Baussan, founder of L’OCCITANE. Known in Provence as “blue gold”, this plant is an aromatic tribute to the south of France. It is the fragrant soul of the region, the fruit of respectful labour. And what makes L’OCCITANE’s lavender even more special, is that it is sourced from farmers’ cooperatives in Haute-Provence.


Inspired by the fields of lavender that stretch as far as the eye can see, L’OCCITANE brings the relaxing benefits of lavender, from Haute-Provence to your bathroom with two limited edition LAVANDE bath-time treats; including a gorgeous foaming bath and beautiful, exfoliating rough cut soaps.

40 years ago, in 1976 L’Occitane was born. One year later, in 1977, Olivier Baussan reserved the first fine lavender harvest.

I got to experience the LAVANDE Foaming Bath, and while lavender has never been my “scent of choice”, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy every moment of bathing in this gloriously scented foam bath!

I think part of the reason I don’t usually like lavender is because of all the overly synthetic bath products out there that abuse this beautiful natural ingredient. When bathing in LOccitane LAVANDE Foam Bath, the scent is just like sniffing lavender straight from the flower!

It creates an incredibly special, comforting and relaxing aroma that transports your mind to those fields of blue gold, as if you were literally bathing in a filed of lavender.



Among all the aromatic herbs that grow along the paths of Provence, there is one whose lemony freshness revives the body and mind. Its name is Verbena. When baskets are piled high with freshly harvested green verbena leaves, its distinctive fragrance fills the air around the markets of Provence.

For L’OCCITANE, Verbena was the first fragrance in its collection. It lies at the heart of a long love story, which began with childhood memories of Provence.

Now, as it celebrates its 40’th anniversary, L’OCCITANE invites this exquisitely aromatic herb to adorn a limited-edition collection, surrounded by green, diagonal lines.

You may remember that I reviewed the lovely lemony goodness of L’OCCITANE Verbena in January this year, and it remains one of my most treasured scents. With the 40th Anniversary collection, you can enjoy this zesty, mouth watering scent that conjures up memories of vacations in Provence.

An organic verbena extract from Provence enhances this fragrance. Naturally generous, verbena thrives on the land reserved for it – and for L’OCCITANE – at the heart of an estate converted to organic farming. In summer, it yields two harvests: the first in July, the second in October. Twice a year, its extracts nurture the passion of the perfumer, revealing all the captivating freshness of a fragrance full of energy.


Also in the VERBENA lineup is a zesty Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel, Verbena Moisturising Mousse, Verbena Fresh Body Mist and Rough Cut Soaps.

If you want to experience pure indulgence, make sure you check these gorgeous products out at any L’OCCITANE boutique store now, or purchase them online here.

 This limited edition  launched this week, and trust me when I tell you, you will want them all!


  • Lavender Foaming Bath – R450 for 500ml
  • Lavendar Rough Cut Soap – R215 for 200gr
  • Verbena Eau de Toilette – R890 for 100ml
  • Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel – R275 for 250 ml
  • Verbena Moisturising Mousse – R425 for 150ml
  • Verbena Fresh Body Mist – R245 for 50ml
  • Verbena Rough Cut Soap – R215 for 200gr

I’m going back for the LAVANDE soaps, VERBENA Moisturizing Mousse and the Fresh Body Mist. What’s on your wish list?

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