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Hey August

This month, I’m lusting all over the place. On one hand we’re nearing the end of winter (although I really can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet) and while I don’t really want to spend more money on winter things, I think it’s OK if you buy something that’s more of an investment. Something I could likely get some wear out of in the early stages of spring, and still keep it for next winter…

Helly Hansen Insulator Vest

Like this super freaking cool Helly Hansen W Verglas Down Insulator Vest. I popped into their store the other day, drawn in by all the brightly coloured jackets, and spotted this piece in black and I think the other option was blue.

It’s such a great body warmer/ puffer vest, stuffed with down feathers, which means it will keep you super warm and fluffy! I really want the pink one (love the contrast with the blue zipper), but really need the black one in my life.

Under Armour Studio Pants

Now onto something totally different… These Under Armour Studio LeggingsLet me first start by saying, I’m not a gym freak (not by a long shot), but I enjoy doing Yoga! I finally found a class which I love, so I am really enjoying getting back into it.

My hubby had his eye on Under Armour for ages, and when we saw the store at Mall of Africa, he dragged me in there. I tried on a pair of their Studio capri leggings and they are literally the only pants I want to workout in!

They move with your body and you don’t have to stop every few vinyasa’s to adjust your pants. They are also made out of a great fabric that doesn’t stretch and thin out to smitherines when you’re in downward facing dog! I can’t handle it when “gym pants” do that – it’s so embarrassing not to mention, so not flattering!

But anyways! I’ve had my UA studio pants for a good couple of months and they are by far, the most comfortable yoga pants I’ve ever owned. I know want to get the longer version too, since mine are capri length.

So next up on my lust list is this pair of colour block studio pants. They look freaking awesome! Look at those panels at the calf. As cool as it this feature looks, it also serves as strategic way to increase breathabilty, so your workout flows as it should!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Pandemonium

Aren’t you glad that Urban Decay is FINALLY available in SA? Now that it’s here, I’m dying for the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in the shade Pandemonium. I do love me a bold purple lip, and yet my collection is lacking this shade. Go figure!

So besides wanting, I need this shade in my life. It ticks all my purple lip dream boxes, in that it’s a bold, bright shade in a matte finish.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lipstick in Loubiminette

Another lipstick I’d love to own, but this one would be more for the dream list is this stunning Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lipstick in Loubimiette.

We all know my obsession with Christian Louboutin shoes, and now that his nail polish and lip colour collection is out there, I want it! Price wise this lippy is ridiculous at $90 a pop – meaning it’s roughly around R1300 (excluding our lovely, extra 20%/ 30% customs and duties plus the whole whack of fees that come with importing), but still, I die!

I don’t know that I would actually use such a special lipstick, but still, I can’t get it out of my mind! It’s like a treasured jewel. Let me explain… the solid metal case, inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement doubles as a piece of jewellery. The top of the cap has a small ring that’s threaded with a silk ribbon, so get this, you can wear it around your neck.

Kinda amazing right?

If you’re a total beauty nut like me, then I’m sure you too could justify something this outstanding gorgeous. Besides, it’s way more affordable than Louboutin shoes, and yet a lovely, piece to add to your collection.

So you want it do you? Purchase it online via Sephora, Net-A-Porter or Nordstrom – all three retailers are selling it at $90.

Converse Jack Purcell

And now, for this months’ coveted shoes… These Converse Jack Purcell Tumbled Leather Low Tops have been on my wishlist for so long that I had almost forgot how badly I wanted them!

When the bug first bit, I remember desperately looking in every Converse-stocking-store possible received only with blank stares, and then, it’s almost like they found me and I was like yasssss! Hubby needed a new pair of Cons (notice, how most of the influence – apart from the lipsticks of course – has been because of the hubby hehe), so we had a look at the Converse concept store and there these Jack Purcell’s were!

I know I should’ve got them straight away, but I was on my way to an event, and didn’t want to be carting bags around, so I need to go back for them before they pull another Houdini on me! I’ve got a pair of classic Chuck Taylor high tops, which are comfy, but they pinch my baby tor just a tad – on the other hand, these Jack Purcell’s felt like I was walking on air!

I feel like my monthly wishlists are becoming quite sensible these days – well apart from the insanely priced Christian Louboutin lippy that is!

What are you gals lusting over this month?


Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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