How To Spring Clean Your Closet, LetGo & Make Money

I have a closet room cupboard full of clothes. Yet, I’m always faced with the common dilemma of not having anything to wear. It’s not that I don’t have enough, it’s just that I have a cupboard full of things that either don’t fit, don’t suit my style, or things I just can’t get rid of because I spent too much money on them.

While every girl wants a well edited collection of wearable items, Spring is the perfect time to shed the excess and start working towards that dream closet goal. By dream closet, I don’t mean one that’s floor-to-ceiling-wall-to-wall, but rather a happy place, filled with pieces of clothing and items that you would actually wear.

So today, I’m going to give you a quick guide to spring cleaning your closet, show you how to LetGo and even make some money on the side. Money you can use for new items that are actually YOU, and it’s all thanks to a fun, interactive mobile shopping App called LetGo.

But before we get to the fun part of selling your old clothes, shoes and accessories on LetGo, the first step is tackling your closet.

Get Sorted

Categorize your items into three piles. YES, MAYBE and NO. The YES pile should only be items you currently wear. These are the things that work for you right now and make dressing in the mornings easy. The MAYBE pile should be items you are not sure you wear, yet you don’t want to let them go either. And lastly, the NO pile should be clothes that don’t fit you anymore, clothes that are damaged, clothes you haven’t worn in 12 months and clothes you just don’t feel the love for anymore.

Now, take a deep breath and look down at your MAYBE and NO piles. Do you see wasted money that makes you sick to your stomach? Well now’s the time to suck it up and turn that trash into treasure.

Be Ruthless

Starting with the NO pile, and then moving onto the MAYBE pile, further edit your collection. Do you really need that pretty dress you wore once to a wedding even though it totally doesn’t suit your style? Do you really need to keep that glittery top you wore on a first date, even though it’s pretty ghastly to you now? Do you really need it? Do you?

The answer is no you don’t. All those pieces littering your bedroom floor is money just waiting to be converted!

Let Go

From your MAYBE and NO piles, create a “donation” pile of all the pre-loved things you know could go to another home. For the items that have you feeling all kinds of sad about saying goodbye, those are the ones that you can sell on LetGo and feel better about letting them go.

Download the free app (for IOS or Android), set up a profile and in a couple of seconds you’re ready to snap and sell or buy anything! Clothes, shoes, electronics, books, games, home and garden stuff, the works!


Two step set up

After downloading the LetGo app, setting up your profile is quick and easy and only requires an email and password. Ideally, you want to connect with your Facebook profile, that way you can connect with friends and friends of friends later, and see what they are selling too!

Get snapping

You don’t need to get overly fancy with your photos, but you do need good photos, so make sure you style your items and shoot them in a pleasing way. Remember, the first thing potential buyers will see is your photo so, you want to make it pretty to look at.


If you’re selling a dress for instance, try to shoot it on a hanger as apposed to crumpled on the floor. Shoot the front, shoot the back and include photos of the details if you like.

List, price and post


Give your item a title that matches the piece you are selling, include a small description, set your price and select a category. With LetGo you can choose to sell electronics, fashion & accessories, sports & hobbies, home & garden, music, movies & books, babies & kids, and gaming used goods, or select the “other” category if your item doesn’t fit into the pre-set categories.

Wait for buyers to get in touch

Your item will instantly get listed on the LetGo marketplace, after it has been approved (which takes about a minute or two). When potential buyers want to reach out, they will send you a chat message via the App’s interface. You don’t need to list your phone number or email address for spammers to see. Once you’ve chatted with the potential buyer, and you’re happy to let go of your item, you can exchange details and set up delivery via the chat.

What makes using LetGo even more fun, is its geo-tagging feature. This allows buyers who are closest to you to see your ads first. And if you’re interested in buying something, you can also see items closest to your location first. When you scroll down the market place, it brings up further locations, allowing you to decide how far you’re willing travel to buy something you’ve spotted.

No money is exchanged on LetGo, so as with any cash interaction, make sure you meet buyers in public places, and take a friend/ sibling/ partner etc with you when you meet up. If you’ve agreed to work via EFT & courier, always use caution and be wary of scam artists.

Build a following and sell more

Once you have a working profile, potential buyers are also able to start following your profile. This means, that every time you list a new item, they will see it. This creates the option to build a following so that every time you list something new, someone who you’ve already dealt with before might be interested in doing a little business with you again.

Pretty nifty hey?

Once you realise how quick and easy it is to turn your unwanted goods into cash, you may just get addicted! I found that after the thrill of selling something and getting cash for it, it changed how I felt about letting go of all those things I thought I needed in my life and don’t!

Shop a little yourself

Besides selling off your stash, you could also find something new, but “gently-used” for yourself too! Now I know we’re talking about Spring Cleaning here, but remember what I said about building a dream closet?  Well, you can also use the LetGo market place to search for those YOU items at a fraction of the price!

LetGo is all about connecting individuals, like you and me, who want to sell their used goods for cash. And so, they limit their market place to used goods only! This means you’re less likely to see mass marketers taking advantage and clogging up the feed with their el’cheapo items and more likely to find that special, pre-loved item that could make your collection complete.

Happy shopping! Happy letting go 🙂


– This post is in collaboration with LetGo – all opinions are my own –

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