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My very first cellphone I ever had was a Motorola. I bet you’re thinking, yeah me too! If you ever wondered what happened to Motorola, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s back, and after playing with the new Motorola Moto Z Smart Phone, I have a feeling it is going to take South Africa by storm!

As a die hard Apple fan, even I’m excited about this phone! While I love the simplicity of my iPhone (and that fact that it syncs to all my i-Equipment), I’ve been romanced by the shiny, sparkly feature packed, Motorola Moto Z. It is, dare I say it, one of the most incredible, exciting smart phones you could possibly imagine!

I was lucky enough to win one of these babies at the media launch (how friggin awesome), so I’ve had a chance to play around with some of the features before the phone officially launches in South Africa Tomorrow (November 1st 2016).

I will say that I am not an Android lover and I never liked using Android, but the Motorola Moto Z could be the phone that changes it all! The one that forces me to change my entire IOS way of doing things, simply because this phone is that amazing!


The thing I love about the Moto Z is that it’s slick and skinny, and while taller & wider than my iPhone6, it’s still comfortable to hold. Motorola are calling it the “world’s thinnest premium smartphone” and at just 5.2mm, it’s hard to believe how many features have been jammed into it.

It’s a phone yes, but it’s so much more too! You see Motorola, really thought about creating a WOW phone from the start! So their flagship device, the Moto Z is not only packed with internal features, which you fall in love with, but with super amazing add on’s too!

The Add on’s or Moto Mods (as they are called), are what I like to call Motorola’s Upper hand. It’s the feature that really, really excited me about the Moto Z long before I even powered it up. Think of it as Cellphone sex appeal, and Motorola’s got it!

The Moto Mods, which are designed by Motorola snap onto the Moto Z in seconds. There is no need to take the phone apart or “plug in”, they seamlessly snap onto the back and your Moto Z transforms into;

  • A professional camera! With the Hasselblad True Zoom Mod, which features 10x Optical Zoom and a Xenon flash.
  • An impressive speaker! with the JBL SoundBoost Mod which turns your phone into a boom box, whilst being able to power itself for 10 hours. In addition, this mod features a kick stand, so you can watch videos without Mcgivering ways to stand your phone.
  • A mini protector! With the Insta-Share Projector Mod which projects up to 70” on any flat surface, bringing the “big screen” to you where ever you are. It also features a built in battery which gives you an additional hour of battery before drawing from the phones’ battery store.
  • More power! With the Incipio offGrid Power Pack Mod which not only almost doubles your battery life, but charges the phone up to 20% more efficiently  due to clever tech.

How amazing – am I right? The Hasselblad Camera Mod is like blogger heaven! Imagine not having to cart around a big ass DSLR to events anymore.

If the Mod Mods don’t turn you on, don’t worry, because the Moto Z is just as impressive on it’s own. Like I said, I’m not going to go into major techie stuff, you can read all of that here if that’s your jam. I’m just going to point out the WOW factors for me – so far…


Battery Life is a thing for me! I usually travel a lot, or even when I attend events, I’m always bagging two extra power packs and cords to plug into my phone, plus my charger (just in case). I use my phone for everything, so I need a battery that lasts!

The Moto Z gives you up to 30 hours of mixed usage! That’s a full day and then some, so you can literally go from day to night without worrying about power. It’s also got the add on of the Power Mod which gives you 8 more hours of power in just 15 minutes.

Here’s another impressive thing! When I plugged the Moto Z into my car charger (via USB) I could navigate and play music simultaneously over bluetooth and it didn’t drain the battery.


Picture Perfection! While the Hasselblad Mod would make my images epic on the Moto Z, the picture quality of the phone itself is pretty decent all on it’s own. The Moto Z has a 13MP camera with optical image stabilisation and laser autofocus, which allows me to take beautiful, crisp images in any light.

Plus I can shoot in RAW and control the picture settings in manual mode, making my photos more “professional” too.

The back facing camera is great, but the front facing camera is the bees-knees! I love the automatic “selfi-filter” which I believe is an android thing, but what makes the Moto Z special, is the inclusion of an extra flash on the front, so you can really light up and look good for snapchat and selfiies!


The Moto Z is super fast! Applications open at lightning speed thanks to the powerful Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 820 processor and 4 GB of RAM. On board storage is either 32GB or 64GB depending on which one you chose.

AND you also have the option of adding a microSD card up to 2TB, which is perfect for my obsessive picture taking.


The other features that I loved about the Moto Z were the cool gesture controls, which really do make life so much easier.

Things like twisting your wrist (even when the phone is “sleeping”) to launch the camera and flicking it the other way to change camera direction makes taking those “once in a lifetime” photos a snap! The other is doing a karate chop to launch the torch and flipping the phone downwards to activate do-not-disturb.

The new Moto Z goes into select retailers tomorrow (see below for a list of stores) and it will be available in Black & Lunar Grey. Pricing for the flagship model is R12 999. Now, before you drop your jaw, bear mind that Motorola has other models priced at lower price points too, but the Moto Z is the flagship. If you’re comparing Apples with Apples (excuse the pun), the new top of the range iPhone 7 is R16 999, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is R15, 999.

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PS! This post is not sponsored by Motorola! I was under no obligation to write about the phone, but I think it’s pretty awesome and wanted to share my opinion if you’re in the market for a new smart phone. I give the new Moto Z a double thumbs up!

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