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Calling Your Angels with Engelsrufer

There’s something to be said about owning a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery that makes you feel special every time you put it on. Recently, I was introduced to the Engelsrufer brand and have fallen head over heels in love with this beautiful collection of stand out, unique jewellery and wanted to share the love.

Today, I’ll show you some of my fave pieces PLUS I also have a discount code for all my lovely readers so that you too, can own a little piece of heaven.

But first, a bit about this special German brand.

Engelsrufer creates high-quality, handcrafted jewellery that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Their precious pendant baskets are the show of the collection, and each delicate piece opens up, allowing you to customize it by adding your own, unique chiming sound ball.

You can choose from 16 colours; including white (which means brilliant perfection, innocence, purity and immortality), embellished crystal sound balls, patterned sound balls or chakra sound balls.

Each one has a special meaning and it’s own unique, gentle chime that calls your guardian angel.



The pendants are all made out of 925 Sterling Silver which is rhodium plated, and if you’re like me and prefer gold, they also come in a gold plated yellow gold or rose gold finish.

To me, the Engelsrufer pendant basket is an absolutely beautiful piece that every woman should own. It’s delicate, intricate, special and so unique! I’m so obsessed with mine! It’s probably the most special item of jewellery I own, next to my engagement ring of course!


Since Engelsrufer is all about customized creations, they also offer a collection of other insanely beautiful pendants that can be worn with your precious chiming basket, or own their own.

I love, love, LOVE the Engelsrufer Angel Wing Pendant which looks so beautiful worn with my Engelsrufer chiming sound ball.

These come in different finishes (with or without crystals), but my personal favourite is the ceramic wing. It’s just so different and I love how delicate and angelic the white looks with my yellow gold Engelsrufer pendant. I’m also obsessed with the grey crystal wing which is more avant-garde and pairs beautifully with this pendant.

If you’re looking for a really special piece of jewellery to own, and one that you will love for years, then Engelsrufer my beautiful readers is it!


I’m obsessed with this set of mine, which hangs delicately on a Engelsrufer Gold Oval link necklace. You can wear your pendant/s on your own chain or choose from one of the beautiful pieces that Engelsrufer offers. They come in metal, stone or satin finish.

I like the oval link style chain, because the links are big enough to allow you to wear your pendants as long as it can be, or shorter. I went with the 60cm necklace which is a good length for me – and I can wear it in the middle of my chest or shorter. If you want more length options, the 100cm will probably give you the most versatility.

I also love that that these pendants can be layered, which looks insanely beautiful and so boho-chic! I mostly wear mine as a set – since I love it, but have my eye on this feather pendant which I think will look lovely layered shorter.


For boho lovers like me, this Native Feather Pendant is everything! This one currently only comes in sterling silver, but that’s ok, because I have no problem mixing up metals. In fact, I quite like it!


Isn’t it gorgeous though? If you love this one, you’ll no doubt love the Dreamcatcher pendant, the Flower of Life Circle pendant, the Fatima’s Hand pendant and definitely the Tassel Pendant! Oh how I want them all!

Hubby, if you’re reading this (which you probably should be), consider everything here my “Letter to Santa” *wink*wink*!

I could spend all day on the Engelsrufer website just looking at the beautiful jewellery! While I’ve spoken mainly about their simply gorgeous pendants, their charms, bracelets (omg the Ornament Bracelet), rings (hello Wing Ring) and earrings (I want/need/must have the Feather Studs, Angel Wing Studs and Star Studs) are just as beautiful!

Go and have look, I promise you, you WILL fall in love with something, if not everything!

Exclusive StyleScoop Reader Offer

Engelsrufer has very kindly offered all my lovely readers 20% off any item (or items more likely) on their website.

Just hop onto www.engelsrufer.co.za, add your favourite items to your cart and use the code 003ER2016 on checkout to claim your 20% off!

Happy shopping!

Which piece is your favourite?


*Offer valid until the end of 2016 on online purchases only* SA only

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  1. Mellie
    November 14, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    I love the idea of a guardian angel! I just visted their site. Very creative!

  2. Melanie Luck
    October 18, 2018 / 9:38 am

    Thanks for sharing ….. Amazing

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