Pool Side Weekend Essentials

Hey, Hey – it’s Friday! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? POOL TIME! Whoop, Whoop!

Get ready to make a splash in some of these must have pool side weekend essentials…


Country Road Beach Towel

If you’re looking to invest in a high quality, luxurious beach towel, then you need one from Country Road.

A few years ago I received a gorgeous Country Road Swimming Club Towel as a gift. It was plush, it was beautiful – with tasseled edges and it was all white! I absolutely loved it! Then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. A nasty bright pink table cloth ended up in the wash with it! Told ya! The worst! I’ve never recovered from “the loss” of that towel, until now!

I saw this gorgeous, black and white beach towel, with fringed edges and I was sold! Hook, line and sinker! Now I want to go back and get this one so that the hubs and I can be all matchy-matchy!

The thing with Country Road beach towels is that they are the best! They may cost a little more than your average beach towel (just shy of R500), but trust me, their classic towels are worth it!

First up they are longer than the average beach towel, so your whole body fits on it – mine does at least. They are made of a 100% pure cotton blend (quality) and they feature two different textured sides. The top is a soft velour, making it feel uber luxurious to lie on, while the back is a terry texture which makes it ideal for quick drying. Plus, the back side (which you would put on the beach or grass) is easy to dust off, so you won’t go home with sand or grass.

Do yourself a favour – go touchy-feely one of these towels and you’ll see exactly what I mean. I bought mine as an early Christmas gift… to me, from me!

Just remember to take extra care of it in the wash, and sort your washing properly!

Pineapple Pool Float

I’m obsessed with these cute and quirky pool floaties! Last year it was a struggle to find a huge variety of styles, but this year, they are everywhere! I spotted this Pineapple Pool Float on Superbalist and I want it!

Last year, I bought a Pool Donut from MRP -they have this watermelon style now which is also cute- and I used it all summer long. I’ll no doubt be using it again this year, but I wanted one with a fully covered back this time, so the Pineapple is perfect for me.

Wine Popsicles

Iced Wine anyone? Hell YEAH! These PJ Pops from Pierre Jourdan are the best poolside treats you can ask for this summer. You’ve probably seen them everywhere already, and if you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out!

There are two varieties, namely the brands Cap Classique – Pierre Jourdan Brut and my favourite, Pierre Jourdan Tranquill. Both wines are made at the Pierre Jourdan cellar in Franschhoek.

Find out more about these treats here

Floating Pool Bar

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a glorious day out in the sunshine, splashing around and chilling by the pool, only to keep pausing your pool pleasure to run into the house to get something cold out of the fridge.

Well no more! How cool is this floating cooler? It not only holds your drinks with convenient cup holders, but it has an ice bucket in the centre, which you can use to keep your drinks cold.

Pretty nifty hey!

Foldable Beach Lounger

When I was still living in Durban, my friend had these beautiful Beach Loungers that she would bring with her to the beach and make me super jealous every time! They looked so comfy and they were easy to cart around. You just roll them up and you’re done.

I spent ages hunting them down and could never find them. She had bought hers two or three years before, so I guess you could say, I missed the boat!

The other day I spotted these at Woolies and I am not going to let them get away from me again!

If you do happen to buy them, please be kind enough to leave two for me 🙂

ANTHELIOS XL Ultra-Light Fluid 50

Loving this light as a feather, fluid face sunscreen from LA ROCHE-POSAY and it’s perfect for chilling by the pool.

It glides onto my skin and leaves a nice, non-oily finish. It’s also got a very slight tint, and although it doesn’t “cover my flaws”, it’s nice to give my skin a bit of life when I’m just relaxing at home.

It’s packed with a high UVB-UVA protection factor that supposedly lasts even longer to protect against UVA.

Inflatable Sofa

I need one of these these inflatable sofas in my life! Besides being great for the pool – and the beach – I’ve seen instagram snaps of people taking them pretty much everywhere. Camping trips, mountain hikes, the works!

This brand from AirMate is apparently anti-tear and anti-leak and they have side pockets to store your shizz (cell phone, book, your drink even).

They come in a range of fun colours, but obvs I love the pink!

Need, Need, Need!

Is there anything my pool side is missing? Comment below and let me know what I should add to it. I’m thinking, I definitely need a good book or two – so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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