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When I was younger, I wanted to have stuff. Lots and lots of stuff! Cupboards full of clothes, shoes and handbags -in every style and colour- and a jewellery collection that was overflowing like Ali Baba’s Cave. The older wiser I got, the more I realised it’s not about having more, but rather about collecting beautiful pieces slowly, so that I can surround myself with the things that I love!

When it comes to my jewellery collection now, I have a smaller, but far more beautiful collection than ever, and each piece makes me feel special in its own way.

I am by no means a dainty girl -or a dress girl for that matter- but my angelic Engelsrufer Ceramic Wing and Soundball Pendant has made me want to explore this side of my personality – and I do love it! It’s got that whole boho vibe going on, but more on the free spirited, dream catcher side than the pattern crazy bohemain.

Like my ombre hair, the boho trend will never be over for me! 

I love this look and I love my Engelsrufer pieces so much!

I love that they are versatile and I can wear my Angel Wing and Soundball pendants together as set, or separately as I have done here.

I’m wearing a 60cm Engelsrufer Gold Oval Link Necklace for my Soundball Pendant, and to match the suede of my booties, I decided to layer my Ceramic Wing pendant with a piece of natural leather, worn as a choker.

I’m sharing the love with Engelsrufer

In case you missed my giveaway post, where one lucky StyleScoop reader could win Engelsrufer Jewellery of her choice worth FIVE THOUSAND RAND then you’re in luck because you still have a chance to enter! YAY

Entries close in less in less than 31 hours from right now, but hurry and enter before it’s too late! Just click the link above and follow the competition entry guidelines.

If you’d like to shop the entire Engelsrufer collection online right now, I have a 20% discount coupon for all my lovely readers (valid until the end of December 2016). Just use the following code; 003ER2016 on checkout. This discount code only applies to orders placed on the Engelsrufer website.


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