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Nothing gets me more excited than a new makeup collection from Chanel! It’s always such a treat to see what Lucia Pica and the makeup maestros at Chanel Beauty come up with. Every collection just seems to get more and more beautiful, making each one more irresistible than the next.

For the Spring of 2017, the vision was to create a makeup collection to celebrate, reinterpret and decipher the five iconic colour codes of Chanel; red, black, gold, white and beige.

A colour palette that Gabrielle Coco Chanel used as if it was written in her code.

Five exceptional shades that work so well together for both beauty and fashion. They represent contrast and harmony, the subtle and the dramatic, the elegant and the playful, the comforting and the challenging, and each shade serves to enhance rather than oppose the next.

Mastering the Coco Code, although it would seem complex, is a fairly simple game. Use these five colours and wear them your own way. It’s all part of the game!

Whether you want to create a subtle look or make a bold statement, this makeup collection gives you the freedom to embrace the codes of Chanel and make them yours.

The star of the collection is this beautiful Exclusive Creation Coco Code (R1025), a palette that is almost too pretty to use – but then again, with such beautiful shades (that create even more beautiful results) it would be sin not to indulge!

The colours of the original Chanel Codes have been reworked to create a palette that adds warmth and depth to the face. Two of the shades have a satin finish, while the other two have matte finish, allowing you to create your desired effect.

Use them as individual blush by dipping into your desired shade, add a pop of highlight to the face or swirl them together to create the most mesmerizing effect.

Also from the collection, I got to play with the JOUES CONTRASTE Elégance blush. It’s soft, rosy beige shade, subtly lit with gold that makes for the perfect spring glow (R720).

What I love about it is how it catches the light beautifully! As though a beautiful angel has given you a kiss on the cheeks! If you’re familiar with Chanel blushes of the past, this one is a little different in that it’s a lot more powdery, so more product gets on the brush when you swirl it. Normally, for my blush, I like the Chanel ones since I can’t over do it. But, even though this one gets more product on the brush, I love that it remains chic and elegant.

And this lippie, which I’ve fallen in love with! It’s the ROUGE ALLURE VELVET in LA SECRÈTE (R610). It is the most perfect, prettiest softest pink. It is so my kind of colour and one of the most flattering lippies for a natural, yet perky lip day.

Be sure to pop past your nearest Chanel counter to check out these picks as well as the full COCO CODES makeup collection.

In addition to the limited edition COCO CODE quad and blush, there are a total of 5 lipsticks (two Rouge Allure, two Rouge Allure Velvet and two Rouge Coco Shine), 2 beautiful eyeshadow quads, 2 Stylo Yeux Waterproof liners, 3 Le Vernis nail polish shades as well as the limited edition Black Metamorphosis  Top Coat.


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  1. Candace
    January 31, 2017 / 10:53 pm

    So pretty

  2. Tarryn
    February 2, 2017 / 9:01 am

    I need to see the blush. I love Chanel everything.

  3. Maya
    February 12, 2017 / 9:05 am

    Chanel Chanel! Must go see it’s my favourite brand!

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