3 Shower Rituals & The Tools You Need

Just as a good skincare regime can transform your face, a good bath time/ shower time routine can transform the skin on your body. Don’t neglect what’s under your clothes! Today, I’ll share three of my favourite, tried-tested and LOVED bath time rituals and the tools you need to help not only purify your skin, but pamper and keep it looking its very best…

1. Dry Brushing

I won’t lie, I’ve only just discovered dry brushing and have been doing it every morning, almost religiously. If you haven’t heard of the concept before, basically all you do is brush your dry body, with a nice natural bristle shower brush (love this one from The Body Shop) before your shower/ bath.

I know, it sounds and feels kind of weird at first, but after a while it becomes second nature. Dry brushing your skin only takes about 5 minutes before your shower or bath and the benefits include; softening your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and stimulating your lymphatic system. It also helps to unclog your pores, illuminating toxins which are excreted through the skin.

Some resources also say that Dry Brushing helps with cellulite, but I’ll have to get back to you on that note.

Since doing this ritual, my skin has a lovely, healthy glow to it and I quite like the little bit of TLC I give myself before jumping into the shower. It helps wake my skin up.

If you haven’t tried it before, give it a go and see how your skin looks and feels. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to always brush upwards towards your heart. You can go in straight lines or circular motions, but always brush upward towards your heart to stimulate your lymphatic system. You don’t need to be too aggressive – the idea is not to rip your skin off, but rather stimulate it.

2. Exfoliating

I keep a set of body gloves in the bath, and in the shower, I keep my Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth – that way, I have both options available depending on whether I’m showering or bathing.

I love the body gloves from The Body Shop, they are hands down (‘scuze the pun) the best I have tried. I’ve been through so many of those supermarket quick fixes and they don’t last. The Body Shop ones on the other hand last so long and they come in such cute colours, you can match them to your bathroom decor.

Both the Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth and The Body Shop Gloves are made from a woven nylon material, which gently exfoliates your body without damaging your skin. Plus, they both create the most luxurious lather with any body wash or soap.

3. Detoxing

No matter who you are, you have no doubt seen one of these goodies before. Maybe you’ve got one yourself, maybe your mom used to have one, or maybe you’ve seen it in a friends bathroom before, but this little green glove is probably the most recognizable bathroom tool if ever there was an icon.

I recently got a brand spanking new one of these Elancyl Massage Gloves, thanks to the lovely ladies at Elancyl. My old one which I had for years, although still usable, had been dropped one too many times.

The best way to use this glove is with the Elancyl Activ’ Slimming Massage Shower Gel, but I found that it stimulates the skin pretty darn well with just about any other type of shower gel. Sure you may not get all the anti-cellulite benefits of the gel (which includes active ingredients to target those nasty buggers), but in terms of stimulating the skin and improving circulation (which is always a benefit) this glove is a winner!

I keep all my bathroom tools close by (and neatly stored) in a pretty vase I picked up from MRP about 100 years ago. I thought it would be nice to put it to some good use, and it fits perfectly into the corner in my bathroom.

What shower rituals do you swear by and have you found any tools that you can’t live without?

Comment below and let me know.


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