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I’ve always known Thomas Sabo jewellery to be all about collecting beautiful charms for bracelets, but I never realised just how many different styles of jewellery make up this German founded brand.

I’ve partnered with Thomas Sabo to showcase some of my favourite pieces from their latest collections, plus the pieces I just could not resist. Be sure to stick around, as I’ve got a give away coming up soon… the prize however, will remain a secret until the giveaway goes live. But trust me, you won’t want to miss out!

Of course, for my first piece of Thomas Sabo, I had to have a charm bracelet, but I wanted a bracelet that was a little more “me”. I’m not particularly fond of traditional charm bracelets. They aren’t my style, so I love that the “charm bracelet” options from Thomas Sabo extend beyond the traditional to beaded bracelets, pretty chains and bangles that allow you adorn them with your charms.

This gorgeous blue beaded charm bracelet, caught my eye. It’s actually more beautiful in real life than the visual on their website. Made with simulated Lapis Lazuli blue beads and a sterling silver charm holder; which you can use to clip one, two, possibly even three of your favourite Thomas Sabo Charms.

Being the proud Greek that I am, I also couldn’t resist this beautiful Eye Of Nazar dangling charm. Now, the evil eye is very much a Turkish and Middle Eastern thing, but it is also a Greek symbol of protection. When I was a baby, I had an evil eye pinned to my Christening outfit, and for my “something blue” when I got married, my mom sewed a hidden  evil eye charm onto my wedding dress. So, as you can understand, the evil eye is very much a part of me. I’ve been obsessed with this symbol my whole life. And yes, I honestly believe that it can ward off evil spirits.

Speaking of Evil Eye obsessions, Thomas Sabo has a few gorgeous pieces, part of their Glam & Soul Collection.

These Eye of Hordus Ear Studs spoke to my soul! Like all Thomas Sabo pieces, they are made from sterling silver, but if silver isn’t your vibe, you can get them in the sterling silver with 18k gold plating varient like mine.

They are so different and so unique and honestly, the most beautiful pair of gold studs I have in my collection. I adore them!

Thomas Sabo jewellery is for the collector. For the girl (and guy) who wants to own beautiful pieces of statement jewellery that are made with the finest materials. Just take a look at their latest collections, and you’ll understand why I’m in love with it all!

Their Glam & Soul collection, as well as the Rebel at Heart collection are my two favourites! Both of these new collections have the most exquisite pieces …

From top left: Triangle Necklace, Africa Ornaments Pendant, Dream Catcher Pendant, Ethno Feather Pendant, Ethno Dream Catcher Ring, Tigers Tooth Necklace.

The Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Collection is another beaut! It’s an edgy, rock and roll collection which features pieces made from blackened 925 Sterling Silver, adorned with crystals that finish it off.

It’s a unisex collection, charecterized by a feel for masculine design codes.

From top left: Karma Wheel Pendant, Skull Bead, Skull Necklace, Maori Ornamentation Bangle, Buffalo Head Pendant, Skull Ear Jackets.

I’m in love! Are you?

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Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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  1. Melli
    April 18, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    What lovely pieces! As for the blue beaded bracelet it’s absolutely lovely

  2. Lalannie Knoll
    April 19, 2017 / 9:34 am

    Love the Purity of Lotos. The “pink lotus” earrings, “lotus flower”ear studs and “lotus flower”necklace being my favourites.

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