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Yummy Winter Food from Woolies

There’s something to be said about winter and good food! The two just go hand in hand, which is why I love a little chilly season indulgence (we can work it off in summer okay).

I got to sample some of the new season treats from Woolies (always a fave place to shop for the yummiest treats) and wanted to give you gals the inside scoop on what you should be adding to your trolley this season.


Rusks are always a winter winner! Who doesn’t love dunking a yummy rusk into coffee or tea first thing in the morning? I sure do!

Be sure to lookout for two new Rusk variants at Woolworths;

  • My favourite, The Waffle Rusk – baked in waffle pans, dipped in syrup and dried to make the perfect dunk worthy rusk and
  • The No Added Sugar Ayrshire Buttermilk Rusk which is made using sucralose and the sweetness of Ayrshire Buttermilk. All of the yumminess with none of the calories. Also, if you’re not into overly sweet treats, then this is a must for you!


So many yummy flavours of coffee on offer at Woolworths. Be sure to try their new lineup;

  • Organic Ground Coffee Blend, a 100% Arabica coffee that’s a spicy, full bodied roast
  • Colombian Single Origin Ground Coffee, a medium blend Arabica Colombian single origin coffee
  • Italian Filter Blend Coffee, a full bodied, dark roast, 100% Arabica ground coffee.


Heat and eat! I love these quick and easy meals that taste so good and are full of flavour. I used to be crazy (and still am) about Woolies’ Butternut Soup, but their new Beef & Bean soup is deeelish! Hard choice to make!


Pasta dishes are great in the winter. Quick and easy to prepare, and they always hit the spot!

For ready made meals, try Woolworths’ Beef Lasagne or their Bacon and Red Wine Bolognese Ravioli.

For the ultimate pasta sauce, try Woolworths’ new Thai Chicken & Prawn Bisque – a ready made sauce that’s comforting and full of gourmet flavour. I actually made a chicken gnocchi dish the other day using this sauce and it was delicious!

Prep the yummiest Pasta with Linguine or Rigatoni. The selection of these pastas from Woolworths are made from 100% drum wheat, which gives them a delightful texture, both in appearance and on your palate.

Always a winner, try Woolworths’ Champignon & Artichoke Tomato Sauces which are not only made using an authentic Italian recipe, but they are made in a family run factory the South of Italy.

Coconut Waters

Woolies have introduced a wide range of Coconut waters that are perfect cold treats during winter. All of them are sourced from Thailand. Made using green Thai coconuts these waters contain no preservatives and come in three flavours; coffee (my favourite), chocolate (my second favourite) and the pure variant.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty hungry right now!

Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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  1. Lalannie Knoll
    May 25, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    Those waffle rusks sounds delicious!!!

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