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Last month I spent the morning with Filorga to learn more about the launch of their new NCTF REVERSE range. I’ve been using it on my skin for over a month now and I am happy to once again say, that FILORGA really kicks butt when it comes to smart anti-aeging skincare that works!

The new FILORGA NCTF-REVERSE is an ultra concentrated skincare range that helps to reverse all “the wrongs” in our lifestyle; think damage caused by the sun, pollution, stress, smoking and bad eating habits, all of which contribute to the health and vitality of your skin.

If you’re a regular here on StyleScoop you’ll know that my ultimate skincare product is Filorga Time Filler. It’s the one skincare product that works almost immediately and, when people ask me about whether or not they should try Filorga, I always advise them to try Time-Filler first because I know they will be hooked.

Now, Time Filler, which I started using back in October of 2012 is an incredible product. It contains Filorga’s patented NCTF Complex, which helps to give your skin everything it needs to repair and regenerate, and it works like a dream. Especially in terms of reducing fine lines and wrinkles and further ensuring that these are taken care of as you age.

I hadn’t found a product that could work quite as well, until I tried the new FILORGA NCTF-REVERSE range.

What makes the NCTF-REVERSE range more incredible (and dare I say it, better than Time-Filler) is that it’s loaded with ten times more the amount of Filorga’s patent NCTF complex.

So it’s basically it’s Time-Filler on steroids!

Think of it as a medical treatment in a jar, that in fact, contains the same concentration of NCTF as that which is found in Filorga’s Medical grade products!

Ten Times More!

The NCTF-REVERSE range stands out by its pinkish colour. While most of Filorga’s consumer products are white in colour, the pink in NCTF-REVERSE is due to the high NCTF concentration of the product.

The FILORGA NCTF-REVERSE range includes four products, two of which I’ve tried, tested and love!

In the range you’ll find NCTF-ESSENCE (R700), NCTF-SERUM (R1230), NCTF-REVERSE (R1230) and NCTF-REVERSE MAT (R1230).

I start my skincare routine by cleansing, patting my skin dry, and then applying NCTF-ESSENCE directly onto my skin (using my hands). Although this may look like a toner, it’s not! Think of it as a pre-skin primer that helps to boost the efficacy of your other NCTF products.

Next, I apply my NCTF-REVERSE moisturizing cream, which is a nourishing cream that has nutritious fatty acids and Vitamin E and especially ideal for dry skins. While my skin is more on the combination side, I prefer nourishing products when it comes to my choice of product consistency and texture.

If you have an oily complexion, you can switch up the moisturizer for the NCTF-REVERSE MAT. This variant contains plant extracts rich in protoberberines and oceanic acid, which help to reduce the secretion of sebum and mattify the skin.

Then if you really want to make the most of this range for maximum anti-aeging benefits, the NCTF-SERUM can be added to your ESSENCE and REVERSE moisturizer routine.

I’m super impressed with this range and have been using it daily, in the morning and at night. I’ve noticed that my skin has a lovely healthy-skin glow (something I usually struggle with in winter).

Once or twice a week, at night, I like to use my Filorga Mesotherapist roller tool to maximize the absorption of this product. So far so good!

Truth be told, I’ve been so impressed with this home range, that I now want to take it a step further and try Filorga’s Medical NCTF Mesotherapy treatment with skin guru and dermatologist Dr Riekie Smit.

At the launch, Dr Smit performed a demo on her Mesotherapy needling technique using Filorga’s medical grade NCTF and the results were impressive!

Apparently a couple of Mesotheraphy NCTF treatments can help lighten my pigmentation, so I’m really considering this as an option in my on going struggle.

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