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Wear Your Story With Nomination

I love travelling. I love wandering and exploring the unknown. Discovering new places, emerging in new cultures. I love it all!

There’s a quote by an unknown author that says, Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” and it’s true! I love nothing more than experiencing all this for myself, but I also love hearing travel tales and stories from other travellers.

And what better way to ignite a travel conversation than by wearing your travel stories on your wrist?

Remember you still have until Sunday this week to stand a chance of winning your own Nomination bracelet in my giveaway (click here enter before it’s too late).

For years I have been a fan of the coveted Nomination bracelet, simply because I love how you can tell your own story in a stylish and wearable way.

For me, I want to wear my travels on my wrist! So, with my first Nomination bracelet, I have begun telling the first few chapters of my travel story. One day, I hope to build a full Nomination bracelet that features flags from all the countries I have visited.

I still need to get a flag of Spain, the UAE and Mauritius to add to my collection, but for now Greece, Czech Republic and Great Britain are telling the tales of my trip to Greece, Prague and London.

I absolutely adore my yellow gold plated Nomination bracelet. I love that it looks like real gold. I mean, I know it’s plated, but when compared against my actual gold jewellery, it looks legit!

Nomination has nailed the colour to perfection!

The other bracelets on my arm candy shot above, are also from Nomination and I love wearing them together!

My Bracelet with Screws from the Trendsetter collection is my fave! It reminds me so much of the Cartier style bracelet, but it’s got its own uniqueness and true Nomination character, with it’s stretchy links.

Then the gold plated My Cherie Bow Bracelet and the Silver Angel Wings Bracelet are both Sterling Silver (the gold one plated obvs), and they are so gorgeous and comfy to wear. They are like wrap around bracelets, so they don’t have a clasp, and you can easily get them on and off.

Do yourselves a favour and go check out the Nomination South Africa website if you want to spoil yourselves a little with beautiful jewellery. They even offer online shipping and the option for you to build your composable Nomination bracelet right there on the website!


Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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