Three Reasons to Love Cuticura

I’m sure you gals have all heard of Cuticura before? Ya know, the iconic little green antiseptic ointment, which has been trusted by women for generations! It’s part of a brand that has been around for 150 years and along the way Cuticura has added more products to their line up…

Maybe you didn’t realise all the other fab, affordable Cuticura goodies because, as a brand their products didn’t stand uniform. But now, with the re-launch of their packaging, and some new additions, Cuticura looks more like one big happy family.

I attended the brand launch the other day, hosted by the lovely girls at Republic PR at the chic and stylish Melrose Gallery, where I got to learn more about Cuticura and discover new products.

I’ve always known about the ointment, but now I have some more favourites that I wanted to tell you gals about. Not only are these fantastic products, but also they are very affordable (seriously, nothing in their range costs over R50 bucks) and they are packed with goodness!

So let’s get into it…

Starting with the icon…

The other day I was getting the fireplace going (coz ya know, I’m a boss like that) and while shifting the wood around, I managed to get my wrist caught on the frame. Believe me, it was dang sore!

So I reached for my Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment and within seconds the sting was gone!

This is one of those little miracles every one needs in their home. It helps treat things like my silly minor burn, and also great for insect bites, scrapes, chafing, dryness (try this stuff on cracked heels and you will be impressed) and a whole lot more.

I like that it comes in a really cute little tin as well (10 grams for R12,99) so that you can pop it into your handbag. That way, you always have something on hand to treat little annoyances that come your way.

For the home, Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment also comes in a 20g tin (R19.99) as well as bigger, 50g tin (R36.99)

Clean & Germ Free Hands

Like most of the modern world I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to washing my hands. Germs freak me out, and the more aware of them I become, the more I find myself reaching for the hand wash!

The thing with over-washing your hands though is that oftentimes, you can be left with dry, flaky hands. That’s why I love these HYGIENE and HERBAL hand wash pumps (R27.99 each) from Cuticura, because they don’t dry out my hands.

I like to keep the HYGIENE one in my kitchen, so that I can ensure I’m all scrubbed up before making dinner, and the herbal one for my bathroom. I won’t kid around, I also think the packaging is super sleek!

Jojoba Packed Face Scrub

I’ve kept my absolute favourite Cuticura product for last; The Cuticura SCRUB.

Let me be the first to tell you gals, it is amazing!

I’m quite the fuss pot when it comes to trying new products on my face. I feel like after years of trial and error, I’ve finally got my skin in a good place, so I’m always reluctant to try something new.

Tandi and Lisa from Republic PR said that this was one of the top selling Cuticura products and that I needed to try it, and so I gave it a bash.

I must be honest though, I was intrigued by the fact that the Cuticura Scrub has Jojoba Oil in it, which on its own makes for “the perfect moisturizer”.

In case you didn’t know, Jojoba Oil hydrates and provides the skin with long lasting moisturization and has been used in the anti-ageing game since it has the power to increase the suppleness of the skin.

As a scrub, I had never used Jojoba anything before, and after trying the Cuticura Scrub I’m in love! It gently exfoliated my skin and left it feeling soft and moisturized from the start.

If you’re looking for an ace face scrub that really wont break the bank (and if you ask me, this is one of the best priced scrubs on the market at R36.99) then you definitely need to try out this one.

Just remember that it’s a face scrub (and I guess you could use it on your body too), so it won’t remove your make-up, as a cleanser would. But on the plus side, hubby will probably enjoying using it too.


-A big thanks to Republic PR for hosting me at their event and collaborating with me on this post-

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