Celebrate Spring with 3 Delightful New Jasmine Fragrances

Nothing says hello and welcome Spring, like the delightful scent of Jasmine. At about 5pm, when the sun starts to set, that gorgeous aroma fills the air, signifying the start of new and exciting things to come. It’s one of the things I look forward to most every spring.

So to welcome the glorious season of Spring, and since it’s Spring Day in South Africa, I’ve rounded up three of my favourite jasmine loaded fragrances for this season.

All three are absolutely gorgeous scents, and with each one, as I sniffed them, my reaction was pretty similar… “this is going to be my new signature scent for Spring 2017!”

If you’re into Jasmine and white florals or just looking for a bright, happy and beautiful scent to wear, then these three will surely put a spring in your step!


Today CHANEL writes a new chapter in history! A new name. A new bottle. A new fragrance. A new realm of expression and inspiration…. And it launches worldwide (including South Africa) on this very day, 01.09.17.

Chanel GABRIELLE is such a beautiful, elegant, sparkling and downright adoring scent!

Created by Olivier Polge, CHANEL GABRIELLE features notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossom, with a touch of tuberose grown in Grasse, France.

Presented in an exceptional bottle; made from the finest glass, that allows the luxurious juice to radiate fully, it’s different, yet with it’s singular lines, it remains iconically CHANEL!

Like all things that are perfected, developing such a thin walled glass for this fragrance took years, but the result is even more appreciated when the light hits the bottle at just the right angle. Another noticeable feature of this bottle is that you won’t see any engraving underneath. Instead, for Chanel Gabrielle the description of the fragrance can be seen through the back side of the perfume label.

The scent contrasts next to the iconic Chanel No5, has a completely different freshness to that of Chanel Chance and its sweetness is nothing like Chanel Mademoiselle. If you love white florals and radiant scents that are noticeable and classic, then you’ll love Chanel Gabrielle.

I love that it’s luxurious yet light, sparkly yet sophisticated, and playful enough to make it a fragrance that will speak to any generation.

 -“Luxury is what you don’t see” – Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel-

Price: Gabrielle Chanel – R2465 for 100ml Eau De Parfum.


For a really intense Jasmine scent, noticeable from the very first spritz, the new GUCCI BLOOM fragrance dances to spring time freshness and glorious white gardens!

It’s the debut fragrance for Italian fashion designer, Alessandro Michele, who was appointed as GUCCI’s Creative Director in 2015. For this, his first fragrance creation for the brand, he collaborated with  master perfumer Alberto Morillas to create a rich white floral, that “transports you to a garden, filled with flowers”.

GUCCI BLOOM features three simple notes that have the power to bring that garden to life!

The composition is laced with high concentrations of Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose and Orris Root, a trio that creates that perfect spring garden. Michele said the garden he envisioned for this scent is “as beautiful as women are; colorful, wild, diverse, where there is everything. GUCCI BLOOM smells of this garden in order to travel to a place that is not there” he said.

The pale pink bottle is chic and minimalist, echoing the current brand identity for the house of GUCCI. It’s finish is lacquered rather than housed in transparent glass to reminisce the texture of porcelain, a material that Michele said he loves very much.

I adore this scent. It’s creamy and angelic, powerful yet pleasant enough to smell all day, and all night long!

The only downfall is that South African’s will have to wait until the 25th September 2017 to touch and smell this beautiful scent. But, trust me, really, really trust me – the wait will be well worth it!

Price: Gucci Bloom – R1710 for 75ml Eau De Parfum, R1335  for 50ml Eau De Parfum or R975 for 30ml Eau De Parfum.


La Perla is a lingerie brand that has always been high up on the luxury ladder; coveted, sexy, sensual and seductive… and with their latest fragrance release, you too can wrap yourself in a piece of Italian indulgence.

Launching a little later in our Spring (on counter in SA in the month of October), La Mia Perla is a tribute to women. A scent created by women for women – a tribute to her beauty, power and strength!

As precious as a pearl, designed to be worn as a personal emblem, La Mia Perla tells the story of a woman who finds her own sensuality as it emerges to the surface from within.

The scent is creamy and comforting, with a luminosity and sensuality that brings about a rich symphony.

The special thing about La Mia Perla is that you don’t have to wait for the scent to develop.

Unlike traditional fragrances which have a pyramid of top notes, heart notes and base notes that slowly develop, La Mia Perla favours what they call a circular, pearl shaped composition, which allows the scent to be both infinite and unchanged.

Essentially, what this means, is that when you spritz it, that is the same smell you’re going to sniff all day long. It doesn’t change.

Some of the notes master perfumer Honorine Blanc used to create up this pearl shaped composition include; Mandarin, White Pepper, Jasmine Sambac, White Peony, Orris, Silky Suede, Ambrox, Sandalwood and Muscenone which give it a creamy luminosity.

The pearl is very much a significant aspect of this scent. Not only in the name of the brand, which directly translates to “The Pearl”, but in its circular fragrance composition and pearly aspects of the bottle and packaging.

The bottle features a spherical pearl like center, that reflects the precious elixir within and is finished off with a rose gold, pearl-like cap. The outer packaging includes a unique holographic sphere on the box, that is a rare design for a fragrance, but one that perfectly emulates this scent.

Price: La Mia Perla – R1650 for 100ml Eau De Parfum, R1250  for 50ml Eau De Parfum or R950 for 30ml Eau De Parfum.

Are you also in love with Jasmine scents for Spring?

Comment below and let me know which one of these sounds like your perfect Spring Scent!


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