Two Drugstore Foundations To Get Excited About: NYX Total Control Drops + Revlon Youth FX

When it comes to foundations, everyone I know is looking for the perfect fit! But what happens when you find the perfect fit and realise you can get it without having to go into counter? Well then, you do a little dance of joy…

Allow me to present to you, two fabulous foundations, both with fantastic coverage, great wear, great texture and both of which can be found at your local chain pharmacy and department stores …

NYX Professional Total Control Drop Foundation

I’ve got to say it, I’ve got to say it, this foundation is the absolute best thing ever!

I was totally blown away by the super lightweight formula that covers like a dream – and that’s not even the main reason why I’m over the moon with this foundation!

The fact that you can really control how much product you want, how much product you apply to your skin and how much coverage you’d like to achieve is genius!

The dropper application allows you to choose how many drops you want to apply to your skin to create your perfect amount of coverage. 2 drops will give you a light coverage, 3 drops for medium coverage and 5+ drops if it’s full coverage you’re after.

It’s totally adjustable, and since the formula is so lightweight, you can apply layer upon layer, to really build that coverage, without looking cake faced.

The other thing I absolutely love is that they have an actual shade for olive skin tones (insert praise emoji here). Since I’m an olive skinned girl myself, finding a shade that’s spot on perfect – without being too beige or too pink is always a challenge – especially when I don’t have a tan to add warmth to my skin!

The shade Medium Olive in the NYX Professional Total Control Drop Foundation was an exact match! Not close, not close enough, not almost there, but perfect!

Thank you NXY Professional!

As the weather starts to warm up and (hopefully) my body starts to look more tan, I’m so glad that I can stick with this same shade and “bronze” up with one of the darker shades, like this Classic Tan shade which might even look good on its own in summer!?

The other thing I love about this foundation is how you can do the whole face shading thang with ease, and it all blends seamlessly together, since you are using the same formulation of product for highlighting and contouring areas of the face.

It launched in August this year, so you will be able to get your hands on it right now from Clicks (R220 each) and they have a wide shade offering of 22 shades for all skin tones!

Revlon Youth FX Fill & Blur Foundation & Concealer

Okay, so I’m featuring both of these newly launched Revlon face makeup goodies, because I think the concealer definitely deserves some praise!

One of my first foundations that I ever used was from Revlon, and to be honest, I haven’t been the biggest fan of their foundation for some time. However, the Revlon Fill + Blur Foundation from their new Revlon Youth FX range has me in two minds.

I almost have a love hate relationship with it! Love that it goes on so well, blends so beautifully, covers so flawlessly and although I don’t get complete coverage over my melasma, the glowiness and light reflecting finish make my patches look way less prominent.

The thing I don’t like is that it almost leaves a grey cast on my skin. Maybe it’s the colour, maybe I just need something with less beigey tones, but the shade Medium Beige definitely isn’t working for me.

Having said that, the Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Concealer is a winner, and surprisingly enough, the shade Medium is perfection!

The strange thing is, when I swatch both of them on my hand they are pretty similar at first. The concealer, being a lighter, fluffer formulation almost melts into the skin and evens out, while the foundation, being thicker, with a mousse-like texture seems to turn pink on my skin after a while.

It’s not that the foundation isn’t a good one – because it has loads of pros, like really evening out your skin tone and giving you coverage without feeling heavy. It’s just that grey cast that reminds me all too much of the iconic ColorStay foundation.

If you love Revlon ColourStay, then I’m pretty confident you will love this one a whole lot more. It’s definitely better in so many ways and the whipped texture is really glorious.

Perhaps I need to try out the other shades, possibly even buff, but that one looks a little too yellow on the online colour selection. I tell you, sometimes being an olive skinned girl has its downside!

These foundations retail for R349 for 30mls and come in a shade offering of 12 shades.

Now, let’s talk about the concealer a bit, because she is a beaut!

Loaded with colour correcting pigments, it’s a beautiful product to help erase any discolouration. I use it to brighten up my under eye area, and also dab it over my forehead and cheeks – the result is a beautiful, glow without looking thick and heavy.

What I really love is the soft cushion applicator! I remember using the Revlon Age Defying Concealer way back when and loving the concept of the cushion applicator then. With the Youth FX Fill + Blur Concealer the applicator has been taken to a whole new level!

It’s spongier and feels almost like I’m using a dampened Beauty Blender, plus I love that you can dab-dab-dab it over your flaws and not move the makeup you may be wearing underneath.

Price wise, you’re looking at R199 for this baby and it comes in 5 shades.

Have you tried any of these foundations? Which one has you feeling excited? Comment below and let me know.

Dimi Ingle

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