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The Gift Guide For Him

Buying gifts for guys that they will love doesn’t have to be tough. In fact, more and more these days, buying gifts for guys has become easier, because the males are just as spoilt for choice when it comes to all the great things out there.

For this gift guide, I had my hubby help me out a bit, because he’s one of those guy’s that’s really (and I do mean really) difficult to buy for. He’s the type, who when he wants something, before I even get a chance to consider it as a good gift option, he’s already bought it for himself.

So what do you get him that he wants and needs, but possibly doesn’t have – or doesn’t think he wants? Well that’s what I’m about to share with you…

Dan Brown Origin

Both the hubs and I have read, and we both loved the new novel by Dan Brown – Origin! If you’re familiar with the author, it follows the Robert Langdon series, but even if you haven’t read the previous books (this one is book 5 by the way), then you won’t be completely lost.

Hubby, being a Dan Brown fan has read his other books, but for me, this was my first Dan Brown novel and I didn’t feel as though I was thrown in the deep end.

I don’t like giving away spoilers on books, but I will say that Dan Brown is an incredible writer! He weaves his words into such vivid pictures that really bring his pages to life and take you, the reader, right into the story.

A lot of this book talks about art and buildings (which are all real) and I found this both fascinating and insightful.

Where do we come from? Where are we going?

As for the story… it’s set in Spain with the plot being focused on the paradoxical interplay between science and religion. You can get the full synopsis on Dan Brown’s Origin page, but this book is definitely a winner!

Get the hardback for R270 from Reader’s Warehouse

Leatherman Tread Bracelet

For the geek, handyman or just plain cool cat, the Leatherman Tread Bracelet is an incredible gift that he will love. My hubs had his eye on one earlier this year and I managed to get it for him for his Birthday… The first gift he said he’d like that he didn’t end up buying himself – lol!

He loves it to pieces and never takes it off. Besides having multiple tools on hand, the bracelet is also really stylish and heavy enough so that it looks more like super expensive mens jewellery than a multi-tool.

Since hubs is not big on bling, he bought the attachments for his Garmin watch, so he can wear his bracelet as a watch strap instead. The only downfall is that you do lose a few tools – it’s up to the wearer to decide which ones he can live without.

Almost every guy that’s seen it on his wrist has stopped to ask about it. Is it worth it? Do  you use it? and Does it Work? have been some of the questions, of which, YES is the answer to all of them.

Hubby also travels a lot and hasn’t had any issues with airport security taking it away. It doesn’t have a knife (as with a traditional Leatheman), so isn’t considered a weapon.

Also, this nifty gadget comes with a 20 year warranty, which is certainly something to consider when buying these days.

Get the Leatherman Tread for R3200 from Outdoor warehouse.

Amazon Echo Dot

Who wouldn’t want a hands-free device that uses Amazon’s personal assistant – Alexa to do pretty much everything for you?

From the Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) you can ask Alexa to play music, read the news, tell you the weather, set alarms, do conversions (very handy for when you need to convert American recipes into the Metric equivalents) and even connect to your home automation – if you’re that fancy!

Normally, you could only buy the the Echo and Echo Dot from Amazon, but local online store GeeWiz makes life so much easier for South Africans. So, you can order one directly from them and get it straight away! Okay, maybe not straight away, but we ordered from GeeWiz on Black Friday and by Monday morning, we had our goods, which is pretty darn impressive!

I also think it’s worth a mention, that hubs ordered from GeeWiz again and the item he ordered was on back order (love that they actually tell you before hand), but that evening they called him at 7pm at night to let him know they had another variant and whether he would like it. He said yes, and the next day, he had his gadget. I think that’s pretty impressive, especially with so many online retailers getting it wrong in SA, GeeWiz is seriously on another level! And no, they haven’t paid me to say that, or sent me anything. I was just really impressed with them!

Anyway! If he’s a geek, or “with the times” then he needs an Echo Dot! He may just have to figure out how to use Alexa in SA, but it is possible! Chances are, if he’s a real geek or a tech savvy dude, he probably already knows how. If not, trust me, he will learn because Alexa is ama-to-the-ZING!

Get the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation for R1165 from GeeWiz

Chanel Bleu De Chanel Refillable Travel Spray

For the man who travels a lot, he will love the Chanel Bleu De Chanel Refillable Travel Spray. Like the ladies CHANEL N°5 L’Eau Twist & Spray Purse set I featured in my gift guide for her, this is the men’s equivalent to having a masculine, classy and captivating scent that doesn’t take up too much space.

My hubby first got one back in 2012 and it was exactly what he’d been looking for to pack in his travel toiletry bag. Then he used it all up and kept saying, “please find it for me, I neeeeed it”. I searched, and searched but could not find the travel version version of the sexy scent, CHANEL Bleu De Chanel.

Now it seems this little treasure is back, so hubby might just get one under the Christmas tree. But, shhh! Don’t tell him!

The thing that makes this so convenient is that the packaging of the fragrance is in a blue cylinder (not glass), so it protects glass bottles inside, and it comes with 3 20ml sized refils, so he can “fill it up” again after he’s used it.

So in essence, you get 60ml’s of Eau De Parfum fragrance for him, plus the cylinder to protect it.

If you’re wondering what it smells like, it is very sexy. Masculine and woody with a bitter bite of lemon and grapefruit in the heart notes, a ginger and nutmeg opening and base notes of cedar and incense combined with pink pepper. YUM!

Get the CHANEL Bleu De Chanel Refillable Travel Spray for R1315 from Woolworths.

Hendrick’s Gin Gift Pack – The Secretarium of the Cucumber

For the man who loves his gin or likes to channel his inner James Bond with a Martini, the Hendrick’s Gin Christmas Gift Pack – Secretarium of the Cucumber is the perfect gift for him!

With this new gift set, he can perform the ritual of the Teacup in the Sky… which is written on the packaging (or click the visual below for a larger view), plus it even comes with the perfect tea cup for him to be authentic to the ritual.

I mean! This is a serious gift for a serious gin lover!

Find the Hendrick’s Secret Order Gift Set at Bottle stores for R399 or get it online at Takealot for R379.

John Varvatos Aristan Blu

Oh la la, if you want to get him a new, super sexy scent, the latest release from John Varvatos Artisan Blu will make him feel like he’s taken a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

The scent is loaded with earthy notes of Bergamot, Bitter orange, Fresh Lavendar, Chayote and Basil in the opening notes. In the heart you’ll find Palmarosa, French Clary Sage, Egyptian Geranium, Florentine Iris, and Orange Blossom Absolute. While, in the base notes you’ll find Patchouli, Cedarwood, Parasol Pine, Tamarisk, and Pistachio Tree Resin.

Absolutely gorgeous, salty marine scent that makes a perfect summer breezy cologne.

Get John Varvatos Artisan Blu (R1395 for 125ml or R1195 for 75ml) from Edgars, Red Square or Foschini/ Foschini for Beauty.

More Gifts…

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