Hello 2018 – Less BS, more Good Shizz

Well hello there lovelies!

For my first post of 2018 (wow how are we here already), I wanted to start off with sharing some thoughts going into the new year.

With StyleScoop heading into her tenth year (yup, my little baby will be TEN YEARS old in September), I have (as you do), started reminiscing about the past.

When I started StyleScoop in 2008, I was full of ideas and filled with the desire to inspire everyday girls -like me and you- to enjoy the “fluff” of life a little bit more.

Ya know, all the girly stuff; like clothes and shoes and makeup and jewellery – oh my!

Ten years down the line and I still want to be that trusted friend that nudges you on the shoulder to go out and buy those shoes, splurge on that outfit that makes you feel good and invest in that irresistible (even though it may be expensive) fragrance your heart desires.

With today’s super fast Social Media pace, we see too much. We’re bombarded with content and sales pitches 24/7 and in the process we’re made to feel like we’re living in someone else’s shadow!

Being a blogger amongst all the social media chaos is not easy…

Not that blogging was easy in the early days when I started, because believe me, I worked day and night, with a new business, as a newly-wed, with a house to worry about and a husband to feed!

Today, so many great bloggers and content creators are made to feel as though they have to be the best at everything. Be the best blogger, the best vlogger, the best Instagrammer, the best Tweeter, the best Facebooker (is there even such a thing?), and just plainly, the best everything in the land of anything digital.

As social media channels have grown, so too has the pressure to be part of each one of these networks. I quickly jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, which was fun, but lately seems to have become a job on it’s own.

I’ve spent so much time trying to crack the Instagram code, and in the process, I have lost touch with the platform that actually matters to me the most – my blog!

And so, with 2018 marking new beginnings, my goal is to focus on my blog content and stop trying to beat the Instagram algorithm, that will likely change as I hit publish on this blog post.

Besides all the fakery…

that’s going down on these social platforms, especially Instagram, brands are romanced into thinking that likes and follows (and shares) are the only thing that’s important.

Are they really? I mean I listen to the radio every day when I’m in my car. Have been doing so since I was old enough to change the station myself. Have I ever called in and “engaged” with the DJ? Never. Have you?

The problem with being a blogger, is that brands expect you to have this incredible social media presence, and by that I don’t mean a loyal following across the networks. They want numbers! They want likes, in 24 hours, with thousands of hearts and hundreds of comments, otherwise to them; you’re not worth their marketing budget.

It’s easy to get all mixed up in the numbers and forget yourself, but here’s the thing. I don’t blog for brands! I blog for my readers, and I blog for me – because I love it!

So as we head into the early stages of two thousand and eighteen…

I plan to put my blog content at the very top of my to-do list! Social media can take second place, or third, or even thirteenth. Haha!

My focus is to get back into doing my weekly features.

A weekly little shopping feature, my Fragrance Friday’s, showing you new makeup launches, as well as continue to explore new spots to fill up my lifestyle section, while here and there showing you glimpses of outfits and other stuff that’s a little more personal.

I have a few exciting things planned, and I do hope you’ll stick around!








Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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