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Sexy New Scents… Hot off the Shelf

With Valentines Day this week, what could be better than a new fragrance to add to your collection? Whether you have a date or not, one thing’s for certain, and that is that fragrance has the power to make you feel special, loved, and sexy (with or without a man)! So if you’re looking for some lovin’ this V-Day be sure to check out these brand new fragrances that are smokin’ hot off the shelf…

Fragrance for the ladies…

There are three new fragrance launches to fall in love with! Whether you’re a fan of playful blackberries and chypre notes, you want something that oozes with seduction or you prefer the elegance of peonies, either way one of these three new launches will pull on your heart strings!


GUCCI GUILTY Absolute Pour Femme Fragrance

This gorgeous new GUCCI Guilty hits counters on the 19th February 2018. But fear not! If you want to get your hands on it right now (for Valentines Day), Edgars has already launched with this scent ahead of national retailers!

When Alessandro Michele, Creative Director for GUCCI pictured this fragrance, he said “I imagined a woman going into her boyfriend’s bathroom, taking his fragrance and making it her own”.

With the unmistakable (an authentic) blackberry fruitiness, I guess you could say this is the stand out note whereby she took his fragrance and made it her own. It’s playful and energetic but not overly girly, yet no where near a masculine scent either!

GUCCI GUILTY Absolute Pour Femme opens with juicy blackberry that hits you upon first spritz and combines with Bergamot and Pink Pepper; both of which are very prominent. In the heart lies Bulgarian Rose with Cypress and Woody Notes. Finally the base comprises of Amber and Indian Patchouli.

The rich berry tone bottle features the classic, GUCCI emblem and styling, with the interlaced logos and not like the modern styling of GUCCI Bloom for instance, which features the new, minimalist, black and white look of GUCCI.

If you’re drawn to the likes of Mugler Alien, Gaultier Classique or Armani Si Intense, this is your new scent!

Available in 30ml EDP for R995, 50ml EDP for R1385 or 75ml EDP for R1825.

BOSS The Scent For Her Parfum Edition

This fragrance is simply sensational and super luxurious, right down to the glossy black bottle and its dark seductive packaging!

I adore Hugo BOSS The Scent for Her Intense, and love the peach top notes! With this new, updated version (just in time for V-Day) The Scent for her Parfum Edition is all that and more!

The bottle has been lacquered up from crystal-clear to a sexy slick black bottle, and has a similar note composition to the Intense version. However, they smell completely different. The only similarity is the prominent peach notes when you first spritz it.

Peach combines with Freesia in the top notes (instead of honey) for this Edition, replacing the sparkle with seduction. The middle note remains Osmanthus with the addition of Labdanum layered for depth. The Parfum Edition also bears a much richer complexity with its single-note Cacao base, while The Scent for Her Intense combines Vanilla with the Cacao which made that one a lot more powdery than this new edition.

Overall the fragrance is more captivating, a lot more intense and definitely the scent of a seductress.

Available in 50ml EDP for R1375

Stella McCartney STELLA Peony Fragrance

Capturing the radiant energy of a blooming English Garden, the latest addition from Stella McCartney, STELLA Peony is pretty, playful, delicate and a winner if you’re a fan of the Original STELLA fragrance, but you’re looking for something a bit more playful.

Its got everything you love from an elegant summer fragrance, with top notes of Freesia and Lotus that burst with Mandarin Orange. The middle notes comprise of Geranium, Pink Peony and Pepper on a classic base of Amber, Patchouli and Cedar.

While I think STELLA Peony has its own uniqueness to that of the Chloe fragrances, I can’t help but think of Chloe Fleur de Parfum when I smell this one and possibly a little of My Burberry. Again, they all smell different, but I probably think of them together because all three have got that freshly picked flower smell, or the aroma you get from a floral garden after the rain.

I also love the gorgeous coral ombre bottle that is shaped like the classic STELLA fragrance, and again, just a little more playful and fun.

Available in 30ml EDT for R745, 50ml EDT for R1015 or 100ml EDT for R1375

Fragrance the guys…

I couldn’t showcase fragrances in the month of love, without showing you some new mens fragrances, and there are two very special ones!

Let me first start by saying, I am obsessed with BOSS! Any mens fragrance by Hugo Boss is an instant winner for me! I’ve shared the story before of why I love Hugo Boss for men, and now I’ve got two more reasons to love BOSS!

Boss Bottled Man of Today Edition

To celebrate 20 years of the iconic BOSS Bottled fragrance (launched in 1998), Hugo Boss has released a special, limited, collectors edition of this masculine and sexy scent.

BOSS Bottled Man of Today is classic masculine. It’s uplifting and has all the notes to make you go weak in the knees… Plum, Bergamot, Apple, Moss and Geranium in the top notes; Mahogany, Carnation and Cinnamon in the heart notes and a base of Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver, Olive Tree and Vanilla.

The notes are completely unchanged from the 1998 original ensuring that this timeless classic remains true to its heritage. Only the bottle for this collectors edition has been switched up to a more masculine gunpowder finish.

If your man loves BOSS Bottled, then he’ll definitely want to add this limited edition collectors item to his lineup.

Available in 100ml EDT for R1235

BOSS The Scent Parfum Edition

With the launch of BOSS The Scent For her Parfum, Hugo Boss has also launched a mens version of BOSS The Scent Parfum Edition which would make the perfect his and hers Valentines day spoil.

The bottle is matte black and so gorgeous – and that’s even before you smell what’s inside! My hubby is obsessed with Batman and when he saw this one, his Batman brain instantly conjured up the image of The Dark Knight! I guess it’s actually quite a fitting scent for the likes of a playboy, billionaire, superhero and business man… like Batman – not my hubby (except for the superhero and businessman part :P).

Anyhoo, this is a super rich, seductive and “darker” version of Boss The Scent original. It’s got similar top notes of Ginger, but BOSS The Scent Parfum Edition switches Bergamot and Mandarin Orange for Citruses instead.

The addition of heart notes of Patchouli and Orris Root give the Parfum Edition a greener, and slightly more powdery scent, while Maninka and Lavender remain in the composition. The leather and woody note base remains unchanged from the original.

It’s such a sexy, sexy scent!

Available in 100ml EDP for R1660

Go give these scents and whiff and let me know what you think!

Which one is you’re fave?

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