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This weekend, the new CHANEL ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH collection lands. It’s a line of makeup colour that encourages spontaneity and writes its own rules. A beauty game that has only one rule – to be daring!

As with the launch of the new Coco Mademoiselle Intense Parfum (which hit the market earlier this month), the CHANEL ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH makeup collection speaks to the fun loving and playful Chanel girl. Think dreamy lip, cheek and nail polish shades, where you get to play with colour in a fun way! There’s also the introduction of an  innovative new COCO LIP BLUSH – a product you’ll want to get your hands on! Trust me!

Okay, so let’s get into the prettiness that is Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush…


Lips and cheeks in one! ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH is CHANEL’s new hybrid lip and cheek product that is about to shake things up the makeup world. A super HD burst of colour and hydration in one swipe, that can be used as a lipstick or a blush!

With a gel texture, ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH is packed with vegetable oils of jojoba and mimosa flower – to nourish the skin, an emollient coconut derivative – to soften, and a trace peptide for a subtle plumping effect. The idea behind this formula is to make the product feel as though it is one with your skin.

They look almost identical to traditional Chanel Lip Glosses, but they are easily differentiated by their black collar and frosted casing. The other thing that’s worth a mention is that these retail at R540 each, which if you know your Chanel, you’ll know a lipstick costs over R600 alone. With ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH you double up with two products in one. Lips and cheeks done, literally in one swipe.

While in the case it may look like a gloss, ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH is a very different texture.

As a lipstick, it gives you intense, perky colour that stays put for hours. The finish dries to a soft and supple effect, and even though your lips stay flustered for ages, you hardly feel like you’re wearing anything at all.

I got about 6 hours wear on a single application of my favourite shade, 420 Burning Berry. I also got to play with 416 Teasing Pink which is a lovely, perky pink, but I’m leaning toward Burning Berry because I’m getting into that Autumn mood and this colour is the perfect burnt, rich and deep shade for me!

On the cheeks, Rouge COCO LIP BLUSH gives a soft, melt-into-the-skin pop of colour. I’m not one for wearing blush, but these can be applied so minimally (you can even apply them on the back of your hand, blend the colour with your finger tips and dab it onto your cheeks for a quick pop of colour).

For an intense HD blush, just dab three dots with the tip of the applicator on the cheeks and pat the gel with your fingertips to let it mesh with your skin. One tip though, if you use powder over your foundation, apply your ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH before the powder (over top your foundation) to perfect that dazzling, “shine from within” glow effect.

There are six beautiful shades to choose from and if you’re looking for the ultimate product to carry in your handbag, then you’ve just found it!

From left: 418 Rouge Captivant (the ultimate red), 420 Burning Berry (a chocolate purple),  416 Teasing Pink (an intense pink touched with fuchsia), 414 Tender Rose (a universal rosy nude), 412 Orange Explosif (a radiant and vibrant orange) and 410 Corail Nature (a peachy pink).

Rouge Coco Gloss

Three new, fun loving shades of ROUGE COCO GLOSS have also been introduced with this new collection.

I got to play with the shade Rose Naif and I’m not only obsessed with the perky pink colour, but I love the supersize applicator that has the perfect curve to create glossy lips and perk them up in the centre.

Like all CHANEL lip glosses, these are vibrant and glossy. They give your lips pout without the stickiness and are definitely some of my favourite glosses ever!

From left: 806 Rose Tentation (an intense pink touched with fuchsia), 804 Rose Naïf (a mischievous pink) and 802 Living Orange (a crystalline mandarin jelly) retailing at R540 each.

Rouge Coco Stylo

If you’re a regular reader here on StyleScoop, you know that ROUGE COCO STYLO is my ultimate lip product -although, now that ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH has launched, I’m in two minds!

I love how quick and compact these twist up lipsticks are and how effortlessly they fit into even the smallest handbag. They are long and skinny, and thanks to the twist-up you don’t have to worry about caps coming off and ruining your handbag interior.

That, and they are pretty much the perfect lip product to give you everything you need; colour, shine and care for your lips.

For Rouge Coco Blush, there are three new shades to excite! I got to play with Rose Mutin which is a hot, bold pink that is so pretty!

From left: 234 Framboise Sensuelle (an intense bluish red), 232 Rose Mutin (a sorbet pink ) and 230 Rose Éclatant (a ray of radiant pink) retailing at R630 each.

Rouge Coco Shine

I also got to play with one of the three new Rouge Coco Shine shades, Poppy Orange. I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty orange, glossy lip product so this one is perfect. Same amazing Rouge Coco Shine formula, but with three new shade options to choose from…

From left: 144 Rouge Irrésistible (an impertinent raspberry), 142 Rose Émotif (a bluish pink) and 138 Poppy Orange (a bright, radiant orange), retailing at R610.

Rouge Coco Lipstick

Finally for lips, there are three new Rouge Coco Lipsticks in a trio of prettiness. I saw these up close and Corail Vibrant is the one that stole my heart, but oh Rouge Malicieux is also darling!

From left: 484 Rouge Intimiste (a raspberry red), 482 Rouge Malicieux (an intense, luminous pink) and 480 Corail Vibrant (a bright, vivid pink) retailing at R610 each.

Le Vernis Longue Tenue

And last but certainly not least, the amazing new shade line up for your nails. These by the way, are Chanel’s new and longer lasting LE VERNIS nail polish formulas and the colours are just decadent!

I got to see Violet Piquant in the flesh and I promise you, you have never seen a more beautiful shade in your life! I’m excited about it the same way I was excited about Chanel Vibrato (from the 2015 Blue Rhythm de Chanel Collection) which is still one of my ultimate shades.

Likewise with my beloved Vibtrato, the shade is vibrant, dazzling and totally mind blowing! I need it in my life!

From left: 628 Prune Dramatique (a deep and intense violet plum), 626 Exquisite Pink (a dazzling fuchsia pink), 624 Bleu Trompeur, (a couture denim blue), 596 Rose Néon (a neon pink flash), 622 Violet Piquant (a vibrant violet-blue) and 618 Brun Contraste (an intense chocolate) retailing at R450 each.

The full CHANEL ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH Collection launches in South Africa on the 18th March 2018!

What are you most excited about?



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