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Skincare Spotlight; New Launches From CHANEL

Chanel has recently launched three new skincare products, and each one of them is worthy of a little praise…

Chanel Blue Serum Eye

This is a brand new addition to CHANEL’s hi-tech BLUE SERUM line, this time targeted specifically for eyes.

It’s what Chanel calls a “simple formula that goes straight to the essential”, and if you, like me aren’t into loading on layers and layers of product, but want all the results, then you will love CHANEL BLUE SERUM EYE.

Truth be told, I love a good eye cream, and when you find one that de-puffs, eliminates dark circles, provides anti-aging benefits, hydrates the delicate skin and leaves you with bright, fresh eyes, then you have a winner!

CHANEL BLUE SERUM EYE contains three highly concentrated ingredients, sourced from all over the world in “blue zones” where the people of that region tend to live longer…

Green Coffee sourced from Costa Rica, Olive Tree Oleoactive sourced from Sardinian olives and Lentisk Gum extract from Greek Lentisk. These three ingredients provide anti oxidant protection, anti ageing benefits and regenerating power respectively.

The texture is super absorbent and goes straight to work! Once applied on my eye contour area, I felt an immediate cooling affect and BLUE SERUM EYE plumps and hydrates in a snap, so my fine lines appear more blurred. You can use it day or night and I love how, as a day eye cream it doesn’t make my concealer slip. Also, since this one is fragrance free, you might find your hubby reaching for it more than you’d expect.

Price: R1170 for 15ml of product
Available now!

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence

After our recent trip to Mauritius, I came back with seriously dehydrated skin… Face and Body. These new goodies from CHANEL’s Hydra Beauty Range, were not only really needed, but they blew me away!

The new CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO LIQUID ESSENCE is such an incredible product – I actually used it for two days on my legs (crazy I know) and by day three, my soon-to-be-peeling-legs got so hydrated that I skipped past the flaking stage -and I still have my tan! YAY!

CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO LIQUID ESSENCE combines the moisturising properties of a skincare water with micro-droplets that, as you apply the product, give you even more nourishment and hydration in one go!

Think of it as an “injection of essential nutrients” that has everything your skin craves to hydrate itself – Vitamins, Carbohdrates, Amino Acids and lipids.

While this is technically a skincare product to be used on your face, if you have some areas of your body that are in need of super hydration, trust me, this one works, and it works quickly, so you don’t have to use up the whole product before you see results.

The formula is lovely and light and really helps to give your skin a burst of fresh radiance. Plus it smells super delightful – as all Chanel Skincare does, with the exception of Blue Serum EYE which as mentioned above, has no scent.

Price: R1635
Launching in South Africa in May 2018.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Masque De Nuit Au Camelia

Another new addition to the CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY range is the new MASQUE DE NUIT AU CAMÉLIA – a mask that basically gives your skin everything it needs to regain hydration – overnight.

Since water, oxygen and rest are exactly the components your skin requires, by applying CHANEL MASQUE DE NUIT AU CAMÉLIA overnight, you are providing overworked skin with everything it would require to repair itself while you sleep. So that you wake up to fresher skin that’s more supple and more radiant.

With high concentrations of zinc, copper and magnesium CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY MASQUE DE NUIT AU CAMÉLIA helps to reactivate cellular oxygenation mechanisms by capturing the oxygen circulating in your blood vessels. While you sleep, it recharges the skin with vital elements and stimulates the synthesis of ATP.

Hydration is usually sucked out of my skin after hot conditions (cold conditions too) and especially after I’ve spent some time in the sun. I usually load up on zinc after sun exposure which helps to prevent my melasma from getting worse. Now, the combination of the three; zinc, copper and magnesium as a topical application, left overnight is my skin’s new BFF!

While my melasma got darker while we were in Mauritius (despite being super cautious about keeping my face protected and out of the sun), having applied my CHANEL MASQUE DE NUIT AU CAMÉLIA for three days solid when we returned, my melasma regained it’s pre-Mauritius colour! YAY! Although I’m not saying this product is targeted to melasma sufferers, but since it quickly got my skin back to it’s “happy state” definitely makes it a product that is worthy of praise for me!

Next time I go on holiday, or expose my skin to harsh conditions, you can bet your bottom Dollar that I’ll be taking this little guy along with me. I just wish I had it while I was on holiday, perhaps I could’ve stopped the melasma from getting darker in the first place and have looked a little less patchy in my no-makeup holiday piccies.

Price: R1360
Launching in South Africa in May 2018.


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