Born To Run

Born To Run

I’m a huge fan of Road Trips, whether it’s a road trip stop-over to admire the Drakensberg Mountains en-route to Durban, taking my “beast” up Sani Pass and even those short 1-hour road trips to Harties to enjoy Pizza with a view or have some French Toast, I think we can all agree, Road Trips are all part of the holiday fun!

The Ultimate Road Tripping Playlist for your next adventure

Whether you’re Moving on Up or seeking Good Vibrations, reenacting the Summer of 69 or stopping for fuel in a Ghost Town always remember that Life is a Highway that’s Never Gonna Give You Up! Even when you’re feeling Under Pressure, just Shut up and Drive because we’re all Born To Run.

You can’t have an epic road trip without an epic playlist and today I’m sharing my seven and a half hour, 114 song Road Tripping playlist that you can download for you next adventure! And if you’re a lyrical genius – let’s see how well you do with my quiz at the end of today’s post

What’s not part of the holiday fun is of course the packing and in many cases, packing your makeup! That’s generally my worst!

I like to pack light, but it’s impossible to be that girl when you want to have perfect makeup for every occasion. And that’s why I’m loving the new Urban Decay Born To Run Palette as it’s made just for wanderlusters, heat seekers and explorers like you and me!

It’s a single all-in-one palette that lets you create every look under the sun! El-natural for a day of sightseeing, bright pops of colour for a playful night of dancing, smoked out seduction for an elegant dinner and just about everything else in between! With 21 shades of shimmery and matte shadows, you have every possible eye option at your fingertips!

And don’t even get me started on those gorgeous corals and rusty tones! Those are my favourite eye shadow shades and even though I own a ton of makeup, I have nothing quite like “Still Shot” in my collection and it’s the perfect transition shade to create those burnt out orange looks I’m so in love with.

The other colours I’m dying for include “Baja”, “Accelerate”, “Ignite” and “Riff” and I’m pretty sure I’m going to hit pan with those very soon!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that this palette includes a variety of matte transition shades, gorgeous metallic shades and a black that is as good as one of my fave black eye shadows (Blackout which is also from UD), so I can pack one single palette and be done with it!

The packaging is also beautiful and it has an extra large mirror (so that’s another one less packing item). You’ll also notice that this palette, unlike most of the Urban Decay palettes doesn’t come with a brush. While  I love the brushes that come with the UD palettes, excluding it for this palette makes sense, since you’re getting a whole lot more colour options which is great as this is going to be your one and only palette for you holiday.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Review and Price South Africa

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Review and Price South Africa

Gorgeous isn’t she?! The new Urban Decay Born to Run Palette is available in South Africa right now for the very reasonable price of R800.

Get My Road Tripping Playlist

Since 99% of the time my hubby is the designated driver (and Waze does all our navigating), my job is Passenger DJ and I created an awesome Road Tripping Playlist that you can download for your next adventure!

It’s a mix of classic songs, golden oldies, new beats and some great sing along songs. A total collection of 114 songs that will give you  7 and a half hours of continuous play! YAY!

I’ve made it available on Google Play Music, so if you’re signed up you can download it to your library and start your adventure today!

Click here to download my Born To Run – Road Tripping Playlist now

Take the Lyrical Genius Quiz

Let’s have some fun! Do you fancy yourself a lyrical genius? Do you know songs (new and old) by heart and have a vast taste for various musical genres? You’ll notice in this post I’ve italicised a few words, and you’ve probably guessed these are all song titles. Well done! My challenge to you is to name the artist – but without cheating!

Comment below with your answers and let’s see if you’re a true Lyrical Genius

  • Moving on Up
  • Good Vibrations
  • Summer of 69
  • Ghost Town
  • Life is a Highway
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Under Pressure
  • Shut up and Drive 
  • Born To Run

Have funzies!

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