Spring Book Club

Spring Book Club

I’ve done really well with my goal to read at least 20 books before the end of the year, and with a few months to go, I’ve already crossed book number 17 off my list! Woo Hoo! I’ve only got three more to go before I hit my goal, and I’m sure I’ll get there soon!

Last month, I finished off three new titles which I’m sharing today, so if you want some book suggestions for your next Spring Time read, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve also got suggestions for a few other new titles to look out for, because I know not everyone shares my reading tastes, and I still want to give you as many options to inspire your inner bookworm.

Ok, so let’s go!

A DOUBLE LIFE By Flynn Berry

I just finished reading A Double Life by Flynn Berry a few days ago and enjoyed this book. I was half dreading that it was a “thriller”, but even though the story follows a crime and a murder, I wouldn’t consider it a thriller at all! It was more like an unravelling of an intriguing crime.

Although A Double Life is entirely a work of fiction, the premise of the story was inspired by a real life unresolved crime – that of the Lord Lucan case, who was suspected of murdering his children’s nanny, mistaking her for his wife and then disappearing in 1974, with the alleged help from his friends in high places.

In this version of the story, Claire is on a mission to find her father who disappeared after her nanny was murdered. She tracks his friends, but they won’t say a word, still she wants to know the truth! She needs to know the truth! Did he do it and where is her father now?

The book is written entirely in the first person, with very detailed descriptions, which I didn’t mind, but I was half expecting a less abrupt way of ending the story – especially since every detail, down to what she ate for breakfast and the shade of lipstick she found was outlined. Still, a nice book to sit back and relax with. [Read More Here]

Courtney’s War by Wilbur Smith

Hubby is a big fan of Wilbur Smith, and as soon as he saw this one my desk, he’s first reaction was “ohhhh I love the Courtney’s!” . Courtney’s War is the sequel to the global bestseller, War Cry.

Courtney’s War, the riveting sequel to War Cry – tells the story of Saffron Courtney and her romantic Interest Gerhard von Meerbach. Set in WW2, Courtney’s War sees the lovers thrown on opposite sides of war by fate. Saffron finds herself stationed in Belgium as an undercover agent in the infamous British Special Operations Executive, whilst Gerhard becomes a reluctant war-hero doing his service as a German Luftwaffe captain in Hitlers army. Courtney’s War is classic Wilbur Smith; an intriguing fictional tale weaved imperceptibly into impeccably researched historical events.
Having grown up reading all the books in the Courtney Saga, I thoroughly enjoyed this instalment, and can’t wait for the up-coming next episode in the Assegai Trilogy. [Read More Here]

Also Consider these titles;

  • The Hunter by Andrew Reid has been titled on Amazon as “the most explosive thriller of the summer”. It follows a conspiracy that links a troubled genius who vanishes after a mysterious car crash, a disillusioned cop, a ruthless team of mercenaries, a billion dollar business that want’s the world in its grip and a betrayed champion fighter that want’s the truth! Cameron King goes on the Hunt in this non-stop action packed read! [Read More Here]
  • Tall Order by Stephan Leather is book 15 in The Spider Shepard Thrillers Series. If you love reading books about high profile, ruthless terrorists being hunted down by spies, MI5 intelligence and navy seals, chances are you are going to love sinking your teeth into this one! [Read More Here]

A WOMAN’S FORTUNE By Josephine Cox

The latest novel from Josephine Cox, A Woman’s Fortune is about a young girl, Evie who grows up in a tight-knit community and is forced to “run away” with her family due to her Father, Michael’s run in with trouble. She leaves behind her friends, and her young love and together with her family, they take off the middle of the night in the hopes of starting over in a town where her father’s problems can’t catch up with them.

The story is both charming and sad, with family drama being the main ingredient filling the pages. This was my first Josephine Cox novel and I loved how beautifully she told the story. I almost felt as if I was right there with Evie and her family in all their highs and far too many low’s.

LIAR LIAR By James Patterson & Candice Fox

Since my first James Patterson book, Two from the Heart, I had been waiting to read a crime thriller of his that caught my attention and Liar Liar seemed like the just the one!

The story follows Detective Harriet Blue on a mission to capture a lethal and twisted serial killer, who has not only claimed the lives of victims in her town, but the life of her own brother, Sam. Harry is willing to give it all up to put Regan Banks in the ground, even if it means giving up her badge, or her life!

She goes rouge, and sets out on a mission to catch Banks without the support of her police unit. In fact, she’s considered a dangerous target and is being hunted by her own colleagues as well, but will she catch Banks? Will he destroy her before she gets to finish her mission?

I thoroughly and surprisingly enjoyed this read. Liar Liar is Book 3 of Patterson/Fox’s Detective Harriet Blue series, but you don’t need to have read books one and two for this one to make sense. It’s a page turner and I finished it within a week! [Read More Here]

Also Consider these titles;

  • Secrets Under The Sun by Nadia Marks is a novel set in Cyprus where three childhood friends reunite for a funeral of a woman who was like a mother to them. The trio, Eleni, Marianna and Adonis grew up as close as siblings and at the funeral, Adonis’ mother decides that Katerina’s death is the perfect time to share the family secrets. Secrets that reveal the answers to their childhood in Katerina’s care. [Read More Here]
  • The Other Woman by Daniel Silva is a spy novel described as hauntingly beautiful and filled with double-crosses and plot twists. A Spy Novel by a true Spy Author which in less than a month (after its debut in July this year), hit number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List. If Russian spies, the KGB, moles, art restorers, Israeli intelligence, traitors and assassins highlight your interest – then be sure to grab this one off the shelf! [Read More Here]
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