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If the thought of your summer body scares you, it’s time to take action. NOW! All those swimsuits aren’t going away anytime soon, but you still have time to get Summer Body Ready!

For the past 45 years, ELANCYL  has been a woman’s best shower buddy! A solution, that actually works to help you control your body shape. I mean, who doesn’t want smooth, firm and sexy legs to prance around in our swimsuits?

Yes Please!

Since as far back as I can remember ELANCYL has always been a staple in every woman’s bathroom. Ya know, those very iconic Cellulite Massage Gloves? My mom had one, my aunt had one – even my grandmother!

But times change. The fact that we as women continue to look for solutions to help us look our best never will. So when it comes to innovation in Le Cellulite department, ELANCYL has our backs – well, at least our backsides!

FACT: Massage helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite as it helps to improve lymphatic drainage. The key component however is in the massaging process.

Back in 1971, when ELANCYL launched their super iconic Massage Glove, it gave women around the world the tool needed to master the massage process.

Used in conjunction with another iconic product, the ELANCYL Slimming Concentrate Shower Gel, women were able to take extra steps to keep the cellulite at bay, in just 3 minutes a day.

Fast forward to 2018 and ELANCYL has once again one-upped a tool to master the anti-cellulite massage process to give you even more noticeable results.

A new innovation, a new design and a shower massage tool that is even more effective than it’s predecessor.

Meet the 2018 Slim Massage.

Developed as “an extension of the hand” the new 2018 Slim Massage is a mechanical reproduction that is inspired by the professional palpate and roll technique used to combat cellulite.

3 minutes a day is all you need, in your shower to get that cellulite moving and on it’s way out.

When coupled with the ELANCYL Anti-Cellulite Concentrate Gel, which includes Caffeine and Ivy, the Slim Massage and massage techniques offer you a powerful anti-cellulite fighting army.

3 Golden Anti-Cellulite Massage Tricks:

  1. Massage in an upward motion only, moving from the outside inwards
  2. Use a criss-cross massage motion when targeting the tummy, butt and arms
  3. Perform the massage in the shower once a day for 28 days, using the ELANCYL Laboratorie Professional Massage Technique which was developed by a physiotherapist

I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t sure about this new massage glove, since I loved my old one so much. But I promise, when you try it out in the shower you’ll love it! At first it looked a bit gadgety and it didn’t really “slide well” on my dry skin, but in the shower, it’s fantastic to hold, massages like a dream and it works!

I tried it out on my thighs to see just how effective it was, and within seconds I could see the blood flowing (with a nice pink skin) without having to get really aggressive with the massage technique.

I’ve been using it every day for about 2 weeks and I’m happy to say it’s fully replaced my beloved former massage glove.

The set, together with the Slim Massage Device and Concentrate Gel retails for R495 and the gel alone for R195.

Let’s take it a step further…

And  really combat the cellulite, alienating it in its tracks, ELANCYL also offers a full range of Slim Design body products that will help give you optimal results.

A Flat Stomach with Slim Design Flat Stomach

This new tummy busting solution (R395 from Takealot) contains an exclusive active ingredient of PCA to reinforce the collagen fibres and target toning in your belly.

The formula is super light weight and absorbs quickly so that you can get dressed and get on with your day without having to wait for it to settle in.

To get started: Apply 2 pumps of ELANCYL Slim Design Flat Stomach to your belly in the mornings.

Dual Action Cellulite and Stretch Marks Treatment

Another new innovation from the French brand is their breakthrough Slim Design 2-in-1 Firming Oil (R295 from Takealot) which targets both cellulite and stretch marks.

A two phase product containing Caffeine + Ivy in the Water Phase and Camelina Oil in the Oil Phase. A trio of ingredients that help to firm (Ivy), improve elasticity (Camelina Oil) and fight off cellulite (Caffeine).

To get started: Shake it up and and apply using circular motions on the thighs, hips and stomach.

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