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A look at the new Filorga Makeup Line

I’m excited to tell you gals that Filorga – one of my favourite French skincare brands – have just launched their very first makeup line! Are you excited?

I sure am, especially since I’ve been playing with these products a while now and I’m impressed. Then again, I don’t think any of Filorga’s products haven’t left me impressed.

The makeup range comprises of a foundation/ tinted fluid, a super amazing translucent powder and two makeup perfecting primers…

They actually launched first with their TIME-FLASH Express Soothing Primer back in April and it’s been sitting in my pile of things to review. When the rest of the Makeup line landed on my desk, I decided it was the perfect time to put it all to the test.

Okay, so let’s start with the primers shall we? Everyone needs a good primer to make your makeup go on like a dream.

Filorga Makeup Primers

The lineup consists of the Filorga TIME-FLASH Express Smoothing Active Primer as well as the Filorga PORE-EXPRESS Regulating Primer.

They come packaged in these super sleek, minimalist black or white tubes, which just look so dang good!

Filorga TIME-FLASH Express Smoothing Active Primer

I first tried out the TIME-FLASH Express Smoothing Active Primer which has long lasting “smoothing” effects that help to blur out and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I like it, I mean I don’t have serious wrinkles, so I didn’t notice too much of a change in my skin condition, but it certainly helped make my foundation glide on beautifully.

This product can be used as a primer – before applying your foundation, or worn on its own to take advantage of the skin nurturing benefits.

It contains Gluconolactone to help reduce surface wrinkles, Filorga’s patented NCTF complex and collagen booster (which helps to redensify tissues and assist with sagging), a Hyaluronic Acid Booster to help moisturise the skin and a Botox-Like Hexapeptide, which helps to control expression lines (without freezing your features).

I do have a very expressive face, so I think long term use of this primer would definitely help my skin to age better.

Filorga PORE-EXPRESS Regulating Primer

This one, I really, really love and have been using this baby every day since I got it last month when it launched.

This one targets my skin needs to the T! It helps to blur and mattify the complexion, while treating enlarged pores and it’s ideal for oily/ combo skins like mine.

The Mineral Sebum Captors help to absorb excess oil and keep the skin looking matte for longer. It worked wonders on me. I usually have my T-Zone shining like a disco ball by mid-afternoon, and when I used this primer, I definitely noticed an improvement.

Other ingredients in the Filorga PORE-EXPRESS primer include; Botanical Serum Regulators to control the secretion of sebum, an Astringent Bio-Ferment to slow down lipid build-up in the sebaceous glands, a Collagen Boosting active ingredient, Niacinamide which is great for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and an Anti-Adhesion Polysaccharide which works like a coating, protecting your skin’s surface against acne causing bacteria.

Filorga Makeup

Filorga FLASH-NUDE Fluid

I must admit, I was reluctant at first with the Makeup line.

I mean, I like super coverage foundation to hide my melasma, and don’t tend to be drawn towards “Flawless Bare-Skin Effect” products.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole bare-skin effect, but I have so much patchiness on my face, that I’d rather just don the full face look.

But I tried it anyway, and you know what, I actually really friggin love it!

The Filorga FLASH-NUDE Fluid comes in only two colours (Nude Beige and Nude Gold) which I thought was a bit crazy to think either one of these would match my olive complexion. But, I was amazed how well the lightest shade (Nude Beige) fused to my skin. Sure I could’ve done with a bit more yellow tones to the shade, but it didn’t look like I was wearing the wrong colour and funny enough, after it dried on my skin, the colour tone looked even better.

Something about the Micro Pigments in this foundation help you to get the right colour and choose your level of coverage. One layer looked pretty good on my skin, giving me that healthy, natural glow. If it wasn’t for my patchiness peeking through, I think this would be an excellent “no-makeup-makeup” foundation.

I had to build up more coverage to cover those patches, but even with a few layers of this foundation on, it still felt comfortable and light without looking “made up”.

One of the ingredients that really sparked my interest in this foundation is Hexylresorcinol, which is known for its antioxidant and skin brightening effects, but it also inhibits melanin synthesis and helps to reduce pigmentation sports by as much as 60% after 8 weeks of daily application.

I’ve only been consistent with using this fluid as my foundation for a few days, but I’d absolutely bow down to it if it did indeed help to reduce my pigmentation spots – that would be amazing!

The only downfall of this foundation is the shade offering. Hopefully Filorga will bring in more colours of this foundation so that more ladies can enjoy it.

Filorga FLASH-NUDE Powder

This product, I really have to take my hat off to! It’s the best makeup powder I’ve ever used!

I hate powders! Not because I’m a fuss ball, but I always find that powders just make my makeup look worse – and believe me I’ve tried a lot! I just avoid them, until now that is!

The Filorga FLASH-NUDE POWDER is the most lightweight, most non-powdery powder I’ve ever used!

I use it on my T-Zone areas to control future shine down the line, and it doesn’t cling onto my skin for dear life. It just helps me keep that radiance of my makeup application for longer! I am really blown away by this one!

If you love your skin and don’t like makeup, but have issues with shine, this powder will be your new BFF! If you love wearing foundation, but want to lock in  your makeup application all day, this powder is gold! Either way, it’s a winner!

The thing that makes it better, IMO at least is the highly moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid component, which provides all day anti-dryness with no masking, clinging or peach fuzzing throughout the day. Couple that with perfecting Micro-Silica which works by blurring away unevenness and helping to mattify the skin, keeping your perfect foundation perfect.

Such great products from such a great brand.

Filorga Makeup Pricing

  • Filorga TIME-FLASH Express Smoothing Active Primer – R660 for 30ml
  • Filorga PORE-EXPRESS Regulating Primer – R525 for 30ml
  • Filorga FLASH-NUDE Fluid – R520 for 30ml
  • Filorga FLASH-NUDE Powder – R520

Available from selected Edgars, Red Square and Clicks stores nationwide.

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