Christmas Gift Guide 2018 – Gifts Under R200

Okay, so I know it seems like R200 doesn’t go very far these days – but if you really look around, you can still find fab gifts under R200. Gifts that aren’t going to break the bank. And gifts that your friends and family will love!

People often say I’m difficult to buy for, and that’s just because I don’t like junk. I spent my life collecting junk, getting rid of it and now I hate accumulating things I don’t need.

As cute as a glittery pencil bag is, or another makeup bag to add to my collection, to me they just = unnecessary hoarding.

So, when I’m looking at gifting for friends and family, I really try to think of the person I’m buying for so that I can get them something that fits into their lifestyle.

So today, I wanted to share some great picks that I’ve found that might be just the thing you’re looking for to make your gifts extra special…


Shop Great Gifts Under R200

If she loves to Garden…

Let’s say your mom, BFF or mom-in-law loves to garden, you can get her started with some really special gardening tools.

Something like a Moulton Mill Stainless Potting Trowel would make a perfect gift and at under R200 buckaroos, you’d be getting her something that’s super high quality, and that comes with a 15 year warranty! Don’t be tempted to buy some junkyard special gardening set with 5 tools for the price of this one. Get her something special that she will treasure forever!

Who knows, you might even be starting or adding to her collection of beloved gardening tools!

If she’s always on her phone…

Something every girl (or man for that matter) needs in her life is a Popsocket! The quick and easy gadget that lets you hold and stand your phone without adding more bulk.

I mean, people spend more moolah on their phone the skinnier it is, why fatten it up just because?

I had been looking for one of these for ages, but I never knew what they were called. Once I knew what to look for, finding them was easy. They are everywhere! I bought mine at Builders but they have them at Superbalist, the iStore and so many places – just google Popsocket.

Pricing is different across retailers, you’re likely to pick them up for an even better deal! Most of the ones I found retail from R130 – R199. A great gift at under R200!

If she’s into minimalism with style..

I can’t think of any girl I know who wouldn’t love to own every piece of Country Road in her home. From the beautiful dinner-wear to the stunning towels and let’s not even get started on their beautiful marble trays!

If your budget kicks in at the under R200 Mark, this beautiful Country Road KYE Storage Canister will likely be put to good use. Personally, I love the design with the coated black steel canister and timber lid.

If she’s on her feet…

Shel’ll love a bit of heel TLC!

You know those products you see on infomercials etc and think to yourself, “really? Does it really work?” Well the Remedy Health Silky Sox really is a fantastic product and yes, it works! Wonders in fact!

I picked a pair up on a whim from Dischem because I had been tempted a few times and really glad that I did because it’s such a great product for cracked and dry heels!

The package comes with a really nice foot cream and a pair of toeless socks that have an inner gel lining at the heel, to further repair damaged heels while you sleep.

My heels definitely felt the dryness from the colder months this year! And after the very first night with my Remedy Silky Sox, I could feel a major difference in the smoothness of my heels.

After using them every night for two weeks, my heels were smoother than they have been since we moved to Jozi.

Now, I like to wear them to bed at least twice a week to keep my heels feeling loved.

If she’s a perfectionist…

She’ll love to own a beautiful mirror stand for her vanity.

This particular one is awesome because it has an LED light around the edges.

I bought mine (the same one) from Dis-Chem about a year ago and it’s still in perfect condition!

The led light makes such a huge difference when doing your makeup at night (when it’s difficult to see) and honestly, I could not live without it.

I’ve also had no problem with the electronics. My batteries do go flat quite (my bad, because I use it all the time and forget to switch it off) – but I now use rechargeable batteries, which make life much easier.

Basically, what I’m saying is I open and close my one a lot (to change the batteries) and it hasn’t affected the quality. Making it another wonderful gift under R200!

And, if all else fails…

If none of these gifts spark ideas for you, as someone who appreciates the finer things in life – you simply can’t go wrong with chocolate or coffee.

I’d much rather get a gift of R200 worth of coffee beans or quality chocolate than a handwash-handcream hamper that you’d normally buy your granny. HAHA

Let me know what you gals think and if you think of any other great gifts under R200 – post it in the comments

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