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Take a Chance: New CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau De Parfum

Take a Chance: New CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau De Parfum

Life is all about taking chances. There’s an unknown quote that says simply, “You can’t go through life protecting yourself from everything. You have to take chances. Because if you don’t, then you might as well not be living.”

When it comes to making your fragrance choices, I say LIVE a little! Break out of your fragrance comfort zone. Take a Chance and you’ll discover something spectacular.

It’s been a while since I’ve been really excited about a new fragrance. Truth be told, with so many in my collection, eventually the climax of something new isn’t quite as good as I usually hope. Not the case with this new launch from CHANEL – Chanel CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum.

Spoiler alert**, there’s another new scent that has also captured my heart, but I’ll share the scoop on that one a little later. For now, let’s focus on the lovely new CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum.

From the CHANCE fragrance lineup, there are a couple of varieties; CHANCE, CHANCE Eau Tendre, CHANCE Eau Fraîche and Chance Eau Vive. My favourite has always been the original Chanel CHANCE EAU TENDRE.

I first got a whiff of this delicate, playful flirty floral back in 2011, when I was sent a bottle of the Chance Eau Tendre Sheer Moisture Mist. I would spritz on the soft mist and feel like a graceful ballerina. Then I got another peek at CHANCE EAU TENDRE in 2014 with a beautiful limited edition Chanel EAU Tendre Shimmering Powder Perfume (which yes, I still have today).

Now, in 2019 I am happy to say, I am even more in love with CHANEL EAU TENDRE as CHANEL has released CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum – a more intense and more decadent version than its first released Eau de Toilette from 2010.

I’m a total sucker for fragrances that last and linger for ages and CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum is a winner! It has always been a complete mood altering scent for me. A scent with the power to make me happy in an instant.

“Chance is a way of being.
Chance is my soul. ” ~Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum opens with zesty top notes of Grapefruit and Quince, developing into a heart of Jasmine (hello!) and Rose and a simple, single base note of Musk.

If you’re a long time reader of StyleScoop and you know a bit about my obsession with fragrance, you’ll know that anything with Jasmine makes my heart sing. As does anything with musk!

So, of course, I’m obsessed with this scent.

I love that it’s playful and cheeky. Different and girly, but what I love most about it, is how unique and distinct this scent is. When you’ve smelt this CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE, you can instantly recognise it making it one of those ideal signature scents. Perfect for a romantic summer of love!

CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum launches in South Africa this February and is available in two sizes; The 50 ml for R1615 and the 100ml for R2290.

Go give it a whiff and let me know your thoughts.

Do you love it?

Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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