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At the end of January, I hopped on a plane and headed off to one of my favourite destinations… Mauritius! If you’re a regular here on StyleScoop, you probably already know my love affair with this Island. It’s so close to home (literally a four and a half hour flight away) and I would go back every year if I could. More than once too – haha

It was my third visit to the island, and this time, I was very fortunate to have been invited by Accor to experience their magnificent SO Sofitel Mauritius on the South Coast of the island.

Having been to Mauritius twice before, I thought I knew the island pretty well. Turns out, I got to experience a whole new kind of Mauritius in the South. On previous trips with my hubby, we stayed on the North Coast – and I pretty much know Grand Baie like the back of my hand. But this time the Mauritius I experienced was wilder, more idyllic, peaceful, serene and very different from the “buzzing touristy” island I’ve always know.

The South Coast of Mauritius is wild. It’s even referred to as the “Wild South” and you can tell. It’s much greener, where palm trees don’t dominate, but rather blend in with the lush vegetation. I even saw pine trees growing on the beach.

The South is like an escape to the jungle (plants wise – not animal wise haha – unless you count the Mauritian fruit bats, hermit crabs, snails and (honestly brighter) insects as “wildlife”, although I did see some other amazing creatures, which you’ve probably seen on my instagram stories – but that’s another blog post!

Today, I wanted to share the scoop on where I slept every night and show you more of the magnificent SO Sofitel Mauritius, which was like having my own five-star quarters in tropical paradise!

If you’re a nature lover who wants to escape the hustle and bustle and touristy chaos, while surrounding yourself in the lushest of scenery, the South Coast of Mauritius is a perfect spot.

But, of course, if you want to ruff it in five-star style that is not shy on luxury, then the SO Sofitel Mauritius is the place to do it.

When I walked into my beautiful room, my jaw literally dropped. Not because I arrived on the island at 2am, but my room was so beautiful and unique. The giant, king size bed called my name, but I was too excited to catchup on z’s, even though I had the most incredible sleep on probably, the most comfortable bed ever at the SO Sofitel Mauritius!

As you can see, my room was a total beaut! Decorated in chic and modern elements of black and white, with touches of lime green to match the hotel’s SO stylish identity. It was very cool and spacious and I loved the vinyl blocks surrounding the bed, which could be detached to form your own customized furniture space. I did a little room and hotel tour, which you can see on my Instagram post for this blog (just click the image of the delicious pineapple on my feed).

My room was architecturally appealing; with double volume ceilings and high-tech elements like my motorized bathroom window blind which separated the open plan space. I was quite happy to spend my time lounging around, sitting out on my private patio; watching the majestic palm fronds sway in the lush greenery, taking an outdoor shower (by the way, I had two showers, one indoor and one private outdoor one) or bathing in my own private and secluded bath tub.

Since the weather was not great, I had hoped and pleaded with the gods that I’d get to experience a night of blissful bathing under the stars, but I was happy to settle on taking a daytime dip in this glorious tub rather than swimming in the sea, since the wind made it pretty rough out on the surf.

I didn’t let the wet and windy weather get to me too much. I spent a lot of time in my beautiful room just reading, catching up on YouTube videos and relaxing. I also spent a lot of it exploring and taking little nature walks around the hotel grounds.

I would’ve liked to use the beautiful infinity pool at the hotel. This space is just incredible and looked so freaking tempting, but I was already feeling the sniffles and didn’t want to take any chances catching a cold.

What I did enjoy though was an amazing yoga session and a full body massage at the SO Spa, which was SO incredible. I don’t think I’ve had a full body massage where I’ve literally had my face massaged and one where I’ve been so relaxed that I fell asleep. Not that waking up in the peaceful serenity of the SO Spa isn’t amazing!

Apart from our one day excursion to some (old some new) Mauritian spots on the South, I ate all my meals at the hotel. There are two restaurants on the property. Le Flamboyant, which is where you have your breakfast in the morning and buffet dinner or lunch, and the second, La Plage is the a la carte restaurant which is situated just in front of the beach.

I’m all for buffets and the amazing wrap around waters of the main restaurant, but truly La Plage was my favourite. Here they serve lunch and dinner (but you have too book), but what I really like about it is the endless sea view and the vibe. Oh, and the food – no doubt!

My lunch meal at La Plage was beautifully presented and tasted just as amazing!

It started with Banana Ice Tea and one of the house specialities; Bel Ombre Catch of the Day (Ruby Snapper Fish) with quinoa salad, salsa of tomato lemon & coriander – YUM! My taste buds were in tantalized, but the desert blew my taste buds away! I wasn’t hungry after my meal, but who could resist a Mauritian Banane Flambee? 

Think banana flambeed in rum and sprinkled with toasted almonds, served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and a sugared wafer. It was perfection!

If you want to experience the beauty of Mauritius’ Tropical Heat, the SO Sofitel Mauritius ticks all the boxes…

What I loved most about this hotel is how it is surrounded by nature, but felt luxurious at the same time. I also liked that everything was within the resort and you could walk from your room to the restaurant, or the bar, or the spa, or the incredible stretch of beach. You don’t need to go anywhere else. They also have gym on the property, but walking around taking in the surroundings was a treat for all my senses.

By the way, they do have golf carts, or “buggies” as they call them, which you can call to zip you to and from different spots around the hotel. You just call reception and within ten minutes, your ride awaits.

The fact that the hotel felt quiet and peaceful most days was also lovely – even though at dinner it was evident that there were loads of guests.

It’s a perfect place to retreat, just make sure you bring your mozzi spray (as well as your sunscreen). I was told the Mauritian mozzi’s love tourists and they loved me! Apparently (according to my awesome tour guide from our excursion trip), Mauritians are immune to mozzi bites because they have rum and Phoenix beer in their blood – haha! Perhaps my plan will be to fuel up on the good stuff next time.

Thanks again to the SO Sofitel Mauritius for having me, you made my trip memorable and gave me the chance to relax and spend time in nature and I can’t think of a more perfect way to start the year.

For more info on this beautiful hotel go check out their website.
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