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Gift Guide: Lovely Linen Luxuries

So, as you may have figured, particularly from my Instagram stories, I am a wee bit obsessed with linen fabric at the moment. And guess what? I am not alone! It’s no wonder everyone loves linen, with it being such a hardy, beautiful and elegant fabric that actually looks better with age. It wears so well, it washes so well and best of all, it’s long lasting.

Giving the gift of linen this festive season is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a special gift, particularly for people who love quality, and who you may think have everything they need.

IMO, you can never have too much linen! And I don’t mean bed sheets (which half the time are anything but actual linen fabric, although those do exist, albeit at a price – but that’s another subject all together).

Now before we get into today’s gift guide, be warned that you may think these suggestions are simple, but that’s exactly the kind of person who would appreciate a linen gift. Not a simple person, NO, NO, but rather a person who appreciates simplicity. Someone who appreciates beautiful, timeless things rather than bold, outrageous gifts that lose their lustre far too quickly.

Know what I mean?


Absolute Linen Reed diffuser

As you will come to realise from this gift guide, it is that linen is a bit more on the pricy side, so you may get a shock when you start shopping around for linen pieces. I’ve tried to make my gift guides attainable, so I’ve picked items that won’t (completely or entirely) break the piggy bank. One great, more affordable place to start is with home fragrance and this Absolute Linen Reed Diffuser from Zara Home (R499.00) is a good choice for a gift.

I’m a huge fan of the Zara Home fragrance line. I’ve bought many candles and diffusers from them and yes, they are pricey, but well worth the price, especially when you compare them to the likes of Yankee Candle and Woodwick etc. They are on the same level! My old Sicilian Fig candle (which I bought when Zara Home launched in SA -circa 2016) is completely used up, yet when I open the jar it was in, I can still smell the fragrance!

Now let’s talk about the Absolute Linen aroma. The bottle of this diffuser has the most beautiful, elegant and timeless look (so it will look uber chic in any home). Even the packaging is gorgeous! The fragrance itself, is woody and warm with a subtle hint of mandarin and currant which make it fresh and invigorating.

It’s a winner!

Linen Sleep Mask

A small gift that will make a big impact is this Hunny Linen Eye Mask from Poetry (was R150, currently 20%off at R120).

If you’re looking to spend under the R200 mark, this my friends, is a winner! Best of all, it comes with its own little carry bag, so no wrapping needed.

Selvedge Serviette

This generously sized 100% pure linen napkin has the most beautiful woven striped details which come in 12 different colour ways. Practical and pretty, the Selvedge Serviette from Mungo (R200) is individually woven on Mungo’s restored Ruti shuttle looms, which has the ability to weave “true selvedge”, which is a tightly woven edge that prevents the fabric from fraying and unravelling.

It is just beautiful and I know your gift receiver, especially if she loves the finer things in life, will love it!

Linen Gown

A linen gown is the perfect way to start and end the day in luxury! I’ve had my eye on one of these for some time, but found that they were always way expensive. Granted, it’s linen so it is to be expected. The other day, when I popped into Poetry at Mall of Africa, looking for gift ideas, I happened to spot their Hunny Linen Gown (was R799, now R639) and I knew I had spotted a score, so I added this item to my “Dear Santa” wish-list.

It features a traditional wrap design, long sleeves and two front pockets and is the perfect lounge ready item. This is the natural shade featured, but it also comes in a light pink, white and salmon shade.

Linen Pillowcases

This Pepa Linen Pillowcase Pair from Country Road (R1499) is another lusty item and not just because of the price tag.

What makes these pillowcases special, is that they are made from organically grown, 100% linen and imported from Portugal. Trust me when I tell you they feel like pure luxury to the touch! They are so incredibly soft and I can only imagine how wonderful it is to fall asleep and wake up on these every single day!

This is the charcoal shade featured, but the range also comes in white or pale grey.

Dimi Ingle
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