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Lounge Around in the Coolest Tracksets

After the news we received this weekend, a lot of us will be spending a lot more time lounging around, or at least in lounge about clothing at home! And for that one would require stylish loungewear – am I right?

Nobody want’s to look like frumpty dumpty, so today I’m sharing three of my favourite matchy-matchy loungewear sets that will elevate your stay at home style.

Before we get into it, I need to point out that I’m very much into matchy-matchy sets! YES! I love them and I am so glad that you can find ones that are stylish. I had tracksets on my radar for ages, but could never find a decent set that didn’t make me look as though I was preparing for a marathon and carbo loading to boot. You know what I’m talking about? Those oversized, baggy “chack-suits” with trousers that are way too long and frumpy hoodies and sweatshirts that look like they escaped from the seventies!

YES, I do want to be comfortable, but not to the point where I want to run away every time I pass the mirror. So I am happy to say that there are a ton of cool track sets (and matchy matchy too) and I’m constantly on the look out for more.

For today though, I wanted to share three great picks that I’m living in at the moment.

My Numero Uno…

Is of course, from local loungewear brand, Bena Woman. Last year, I bought myself one of their beautiful travel tracksets and have been obsessed with it ever since.

I’ve gotten so much wear out of it. All of last Winter into Spring and this year into Autumn, I wore it non stop. It literally went from my body, to the washing and back again (within 48 hours), which means I wore it pretty much every second day.

And it held up beautifully. It’s got that very stylish track look to it. You know, one of those really cool vibes with a high waisted bottom, that hugs the hips and doesn’t bulge out the pockets, and then the top also fits really well and looks so much more stylish than your average tracksuit.

What really drew me to this trackset however, besides being made 100% in South Africa and out of quality cotton fabric, was the cuffs! I’m cuff obsessed! Both the top and the bottom feature long cuffs that make it comfortable, keep the warmth in and add to its tailored styling.

I bought my trackset in black, but I also love the navy and cinnamon shades. Oh and the army green, and the peach, and the grey, and the white, and the saffron, basically all of them are to die for. I do fear that if I start buying more colours, I’ll be that girl who wears exactly the same clothes, just in varying shades so you’ll at least know I changed my clothes (or overlaid a filter on the pic!)

Still, I plan to buy another set as we head into spring. I figured I first needed to buy myself a”fluffier” type of tracksuit first, since the cold weather demands it!

OH and the great news is that Bena recently announced that you can purchase just the joggers in black, which is wonderful news since this normally came as a set. The bottoms fit so friggin well and while they do go well with the matching track top – you can wear them with pretty much everything else, making them a great staple piece.

For a fluffier trackset…

I found a great set at ZARA, who also have some really fab stylish tracks, but you often have to do a little “more work” to find them. As in, they don’t sell them as sets, but rather individual pieces that you have to put together yourself.

I started with these amazing, incredible and friggin’ awesome joggers and then hunted around for the perfect sweatshirt to match, which I found much later, but I’m still super amped about how these two pieces pair so well.

I was very much drawn to the joggers because, well hello, look at those wide cuffed hems! I also love that they are high waisted (the pockets also don’t flap out and fit the hips nicely – and I should know, since I have hips), and they are really well made. They have a bit of a fleecy fabric inside, so they are really warm and cozy.

The sweatshirt was such a win for me. Since the bottoms are high waisted, I wanted a top that was a little cropped, but not so cropped that it shows my stomach, but rather, I wanted it to skim the top of the track pants and not bulge over the waistband, and it’s a perfect match!


For a casual cool look…

Also from ZARA, I picked up another matchy-matchy set made from 100% cotton, which I thought looked really nice for a casual but cool loungewear set. 

I was a little bummed as, I kid you not, the very next day after I placed my online order, both the top and bottom went on sale. Bad luck or bad planning, but I’m very happy with the set, so we’ll focus on that!

This set is super cool! I love the ribbed trim of the sweatshirt that sits nicely when paired with the joggers, which have a similar ribbing detail. It gives it a very effortlessly stylish look while still being super laid back.

I’m really glad I chose this colour and I was very tempted to get black (again), but it looks great on. I feared I might look a little “naked”, but I don’t.  The only complaint I have is possibly the sleeve length. While the top fits perfectly, the sleeves seem a little short for me. If I push them up, then it looks cool, so I figured the joggers are more ankle grazers, so showing a little ankle and a little wrist probably works.



What are some of your favourite local loungewear sets? I have a few local brands on my radar, so look out for an upcoming blog post on that soon



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