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Looking after your houseplants. These Gadgets Will Change the Game

I am a proud plant mama, and trust me when I say, it hasn’t always been an easy ride! I’ve killed so many along the way, but on the bright side, I am at a point where my former plant killing self has taught me a few tricks on how to keep them going… and going!

So if you’re into plants or you’re an advocate of the home jungle, today on StyleScoop I am sharing 4 Things You Need To Keep Your House Plants Happy and Healthy…

1. Watering Can

Plants need water. They need a lot of water! Especially house plants, and they need a lot more watering than you think, so it really is worth it to get yourself a decent watering can so you can take the stress out of feeding your babies.

In my older age I’ve become a less-is-more kind of person, so buying a watering can was really such a waste for me. I mean, I can just use my good old fashioned Pyrex jug and it does the job. That’s ok, I guess,if you have one house plant, but if your indoor jungle is growing, it’s definitely worth it to invest in a decent watering can. For one, the Pyrex jug spills everywhere; the lip is just too small and I get so irritated with water all over my coffee tables and on my couch (which loves water spills so much, it makes a nice little stain for me to admire).

Find a watering can that works for your needs! For my outside plants and my little herb wall in my courtyard, I like to use a bigger watering-can that has a spout and spray nozzle, but for my inside plants I prefer the super long nozzle kind.

You can find these anywhere and you can get them really cheap (like the blue plastic one from Leroy Merlin for under R100), or really pricey (like the fancy schmancy gold one from H&M Home).

2. Plant Spray

House plants are notorious dust collectors, and they are prone to calcium deposits and water stains on their leaves. Now, if you feel green with envy looking at those house plants in decor magazines that look shiny and beautiful, your house plants can look the same, IRL – with no photoshop necessary.

Pokon Plant Spray is an amazing spray that not only nourishes your houseplant leaves, but makes them look glossy and gorgeous. It also helps to get rid of (or minimise) those water and calcium deposits, and you don’t even need to wipe them down.

Think of it as conditioner for your plants, or a super high performance shine serum that your plants will love! Just remember to read the instructions before you spray! While this is a godsend kind of product, it’s not suitable for all houseplants – especially those with furry leaves or cactus types.

3. Moisture Meter Measure

When you’re new to the whole plant thing, it’s often difficult to see if your plant is under-watered of over-watered or just-right-watered. You’re too busy admiring how beautiful your pot plant holder is to notice, but secretly (slowly and surely) your little plant baby may be on its way out and you don’t even realise it, until its too late.

That’s where a Moisture Meter Measure (say that three times) comes in handy. Its a little gadget with a spike that you stick into your plant (close to the roots but not stabbing them) to determine the exact water level. There’s another, alas cheaper way to do this, by sticking your finger into the soil, but who wants grubby nails when there’s a tool that does the job and does it well.

I got one of these as a gift over Christmas and it’s been a game changer in my jungle.

You can find them everywhere. The one in my pic above is from Hadeco, but the one I have at home I’ve seen on Takealot and Leroy Merlin.

4. Aquaflora Holiday

While I don’t know the technical name for my final little game changer, I do know that it will change your life, especially if you can’t be on top of your plants 24/7. It’s a tool that you spike into your plant, attach a plastic bottle with water and it will self-water your plants. It’s got a little tap thing-a-ma-thang on it so you can adjust the flow so that water releases steadier into your plant.

It’s ideal if you go away and can’t water your plants, but I also like sticking mine in my hanging plant because getting up there to water mine is always a mission. So every week, I fill my little plastic bottle, stick it in my Aquaflora Holiday gadget and I know my plant’s watering needs are taken care of.

Depending on your requirements, you can attach a small, 500ml plastic bottle, or if you’re going on holiday you can attach a 2L plastic bottle and away you go!

Made in Italy, this little guy is very well made and while it’s plastic, it looks and feels solid. I’ve had mine in one of my hanging plants for over a year and it’s still practically perfect.

I bought mine for R100 (from Leroy Merlin).

I hope you found these gadgets helpful and if you have any more plant-mama tips to share with me, comment below and let’s grow our indoor jungles together 🙂

Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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