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Clean Up Crew – Keep your Home Clean in 2021

Keeping your home clean and tidy is hard work, let’s not beat around the bush, but it doesn’t have to be a horrible chore that makes you want to run and hide.

Today, I wanted to share a couple of tricks I’ve picked up along the way that have changed the way I think about cleaning – dare I say it, I actually enjoy cleaning my house! So, hopefully if you’re not feeling it, I can help to inspire you.

Because at the end of the day, no matter how stylish your home, a clean home is so much better!

It takes so long, I don’t have time!

Have you ever timed yourself doing “housework chores”? I kid you not, this little exercise really changed the way I think about cleaning up. Tasks you honestly think will take you ages, years, months, forever, take up so little time, it will shock you! Try it the next time you’re cleaning up and see the result.

What I used to think took the whole day (and thus, I didn’t have time for it), took less than an hour in most cases. Even the really annoying housework tasks.

Don’t feed the monster

Dealing with mountains of housework (laundry baskets, I’m talking to you) is stressful and the only way around it is to not let it pile up in the first place. Another trick I tried out that’s also changed my cleaning game, is to do a load of washing every day. Just one load, but do it properly.

Wash, Dry, Fold/ Iron and Pack Away. Done!

You’ll be amazed at how much stress this takes out of the game. When you leave your washed (or even unwashed) clothes piled up, the mountain get’s bigger and bigger, and then leaving it until you have time to deal with it, makes that mountain grow and grow. Don’t feed the monster! HA

My routine is to see which clothes I have a lot of in the laundry basket. If it’s mostly whites, then a white load it is. If it’s mostly darks, well then it’s a dark day of washing. The leftovers get loaded into the next day’s washing cycle.

By the way, this same concept applies to any and all housework tasks – the longer it piles up, the bigger the mountain, the harder it is to climb. Remember that. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes right now – but hey, if you’re here you’re looking for ways to make your life easier, so just try it, that’s all it takes.

Get the right tools

Tools are especially important when it comes to cleaning up, so make sure you’re armed and ready. Also, find a way to easy access your tools so that when  you need them you don’t need to go digging – as this just adds more unnecessary stress.

I’ve slowly replaced all my Cheap-Chinese cleaning tools (as needed) with better quality, more aesthetically pleasing cleaning up tools. This way, I can use them as a decor feature that’s actually functional and pretty to look at.

Take my featured pic as an example, it looks really nice and not cluttered (and I get to access my tools easily). Now, imagine that same space with brightly coloured, mismatching plastic fantastic cleaning up tools and what do you have? Trailer trash!

Even my kitchen cleaning tools are pretty to look at. No icky, oooogly, multi coloured dishcloths and green and yellow scrubbies.

See what I mean.

If you’re wondering, my wooden brushes and cleaning tools are from German brand, Redecker. There’s a a couple of places selling these. I’ve found them on and off at @home, but also try YuppieChef and Fine&Fabulous if you’re looking to invest in these. My cleaning cloths are from local brand, Spaza Shop.

Get organised

Getting and staying organised makes a big difference when it comes to cleaning up and keeping your home clean. Trying to clean with clutter all over the place is hell, there is no better way to put it. Try to find a system that works for you and stick to it. It will take time, maybe even a lot of time, but once everything is in its place, you can see your space!

I could write an entire blog post on organisation, so I’ll stop here and go more in depth at a later stage, but I just wanted to share that little nugget of wisdom.

Put things away

Remember that mountain we spoke about? Well, not putting things away is one sure fire way to feed that monster to obesity. Sure it’s not easy to run around all day putting things in their place, just be mindful of doing it sooner rather than later so that it doesn’t pile up.

I hate waking up to an untidy kitchen that greets me with a fat slap early in the morning. So, I’ve gotten into the routine of cleaning up while I’m busy cooking and then after we have supper, I try pack away most of the stuff, load the dishwasher, clean the counters etc. I’m finding it much easier to deal with because I know the magic fairy won’t be making a stop while I’m dreaming. Although my hubby does unpack the dishwasher for me before he leaves for work, so I guess I do have a magic helper, wink wink.

Let tech help

There are a couple of “techy” type tools that will also make your life easier. Now, I’m not saying go out and buy everything (unless you can afford it, then go ahead), I’m just saying keep these in mind to reduce your work load and if you’re replacing something, then consider buying better.

Below are three “techy” tools that have made my life easier! A lot easier!

Floors and all

My Hoover Total Home Pro Steam Cleaner has been a game changer. GAME CHANGER! And at under R2000 it’s the best friend you’ll ever have. I bought mine at Hirsch’s about two years ago, and I couldn’t find it on their website to link it, but I’m sure you can find it or something similar.

It’s basically an all in one steam mop and steamer. I use it 90% of the time as a steam mop. I don’t even own a mop and bucket – and can’t understand why anyone would want to put themselves through the horrid task of filling buckets, carting buckets, mopping floors, wringing out disgusting (and wet) mops – when something like this is available and not at all expensive.

It’s so fab! I literally just fill the water tank and away we go. The long cord makes it easy to mop up (or steam up) a large space, and best of all, I don’t have to touch gross, wet mops or break my back with the water bucket. Oh and even better, you don’t use any chemicals with this baby – just water and it cleans an absolute dream!

The mop has a scrubby attachment for tough dirt (but I’ve hardly used this feature as the standard steam mop head works wonderfully). Then it also comes apart and has a host of attachments so you can use it a steamer everywhere else. I’ve used mine to steam my windows, steam the oven, steam the wall tiles, steam the shower – it’s incredibly versatile.

Oh, and another feature I love, is that it dries your floors super quick too!

Robot Vacuum

Another little tech tool I love, love, LOVE is my Xiaomi MiRobot Vacuum. I got mine about 2 or 3 years ago (before they launched the mop feature) and she’s not only going strong but it’s like I have an amazing housekeeper. I switch it on when I jump in the shower in the mornings, and by the time I’m dressed and ready to go, my floors are nice and tidy.

It works really well and has been worth every penny! I want the mop version now too – haha!

My house has mostly tiles and only one level goes into the bedroom, so it works well for me. When I do the bedroom, I pick her up and away she goes.

If you have a lot of small spaces with stairs, then you might want to think twice as it can’t climb up and down stairs (although mine often escapes the kitchen door and goes wandering in the garden and I’ve found her rather confused trying to vacuum the grass – but anyways!

Steam Station

Let’s just get it out there. I hate ironing! Hate, with a passion loathe! Or at least I used to. When my steam iron packed up, on a whim, I decided to invest in the BOSCH Serie2 Steam Station. Such a great decision that has made ironing less of a chore! I still don’t love it, but hey, I load up The Crown or Reign on Netflix and I’m done in one episode!

I don’t have to fill the iron every ten-seconds as the water tank holds a lot, and it irons out creases much quicker and with less effort thanks to the continuous steam function. What I like to do is Steam Iron clothes that need ironing when they are slightly damp (not wet), which helps to dry them completely while I iron. See, it’s all about making wise choices haha!

Do you have any cleaning tips or tricks? Hopefully these have inspired you.


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