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The only essential oil diffuser you’ll ever want by Organic Aromas

If you’re big into making your home smell as amazing as you keep it, then you’ve no doubt got a handful of diffusers and smell-good gadgets in your home. I, for one, have pretty much all of them; from the traditional ceramic tea light burners, to plug-in burners, to air purifiers that work with heat and water… you name it, I’ve tried them all.

But today, I’m here to tell you to throw them all out, because the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser for Aromatherapy is the only one you’ll ever need and the only one you will want to use in your home.

When Organic Aromas reached out and asked me if I was interested in reviewing their Radiance Diffuser, of course I was intrigued, and yes, even skeptical, because as I mentioned, I have such a collection of diffusers, do I really need another one?

The simple answer is YES! Because since using my Radiance Diffuser, it’s the only one I want to use and in today’s blog post, I’ll tell you why!

The most important feature of the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser that sets it apart is that it works with NO HEAT and NO WATER. Just pure essential oil! You don’t have to do anything to get the oils going, other than plug it in and switch it on.

Unlike other diffusers on the market, the Organic Aromas diffusers work by atomising the essential oils through a pressurised air technology system. This ensures that the oils you put in your diffuser are the purest they could be. When you add heat and water, the chemical composition of essential oils changes or gets watered down, so this technology lets you enjoy pure essential oil at its best.

As soon as you switch it on, the essential oils filter through the glass bowl and create a magnificent mist of pure essential bliss in your home, all while looking aesthetically pleasing as the led lights change from hues of blue to yellow to pink.

I love watching my Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser do its thing. It’s so satisfying for my senses! I love the pure organic, smell that lingers in my home. I love watching it – like a little genie lamp as the oils mist and swirl around in the air. I love the sound of the soft whisper. I love it all!

I also love how high quality this item is. We are all too familiar with cheap-cheap (but expensive) things that clutter our home and empty our pockets. We buy into goodies and gadgets and somehow quality and craftsmanship go out the window. Not here, my friends!

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffusers are crafted using high-quality materials and made with precision to look elegant while working wonders! There is nothing cheap or cheap looking about it! The wooden base is hand crafted from real, imported plantation wood and the glass reservoir, with its majestic swirl embossed pattern, is custom-blown by skilled artists.

In a nutshell, the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser is an absolute treasure in your home. A delicate piece of art that brings joy and pleasure. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and can easily work wherever you decide to place it.

You also get options! While my unit is the Radiance Diffuser in Dark Wood, you can find this same unit in a Light Wood variety. Or, you can choose from the other two designs; Raindrop or Magnificent Nebulizing Diffusers. Personally, I think the Radiance Diffuser is the most whimsical and most magical design, but each to their own, so it’s good to have a choice.

Now, I know you’re looking at that little box next to my diffuser and thinking I Want One!

While you can purchase the Radiance Diffuser on its own, you can also spoil yourself with the Radiance Explorer Aromatherapy Kit . The kit includes this matching wooden box in the same tone as your diffuser and is filled with six handpicked 10ml essential oils including Lavender, Purity Blend, Peppermint, Organic Sweet Orange, Energy Blend and Organic Rosemary.

Personally, the kit makes sense if you want to keep your oils close. It actually adds to the decor aesthetic and looks pleasing on the eye. Plus, it provides the perfect housing for your essential oils and keeps them protected from the light.

Since Organic Aromas is all about essential oils and the pleasure they bring, they have a wide variety of high grade Organic Aromas essential oils. All their oils are pure, certified organic essential oils that have been tested by a third party lab in Canada.

Hop on their website to see the selection, which includes basics like; Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense and Rose (to mention a few), as well as indulgent Organic Aromas Blends like the Bulgers Blend, Purity Blend, Morning Bloom Blend or their Signature Blend, a lovely sweet and sophisticated scent that calms your mind. This one comes as a little 5ml freebie with your Radiance Diffuser.

My all-time favourite essential oil is lavender. It’s strange how I hate lavender in any cleaning products you get in store, and I realised that’s because I can’t handle the synthetic smell of lavender. It just smells plastic! But pure, organic lavender essential oil is amazing! And with my Radiance Diffuser, I get to enjoy the purest form of high grade lavender from Organic Aromas.

I also love their Sweet Orange oil and the Rosemary essential oil too! PLUS if you’re a real essential oil fundi, you can mix and match the scents to create your own blend. I’m experimenting with a few at the moment and it’s been so much fun. I can’t pick a favourite, I’m loving them all.

What’s in the box?

Not only is the Radiance Diffuser well made and well thought out, but it comes packaged so beautifully, you’ll feel the excitement the instant your package arrives!

Open the box to reveal your diffuser, which is packaged to transport effectively. You get clear, easy-to-understand instructions (with pictures woo hoo) to show you how to put your diffuser together, how to clean it, when to clean it and how to troubleshoot.

You also get a bunch of pipettes. A plastic one for cleaning your diffuser, a glass one to perform a pump test and another glass one to dispense essential oils. I wouldn’t recommend using the essential oil dispenser if you are pouring the oils from an essential oil bottle with a plastic drop stopper thingie like many of them have (including the Organic Aromas ones), but for bigger bottles of essential oils that don’t have that plastic stopper, then it’s genius because you want to make sure the oils go into the bowl and don’t spill on your wooden base and ruin it.

For the record, it actually came packaged a lot better than my picture above. I didn’t take a photo as soon as it arrived because I was too impatient and too excited to try it out!

Before I re-packed it into the box, I cleaned it up, which gave me an opportunity to perform the cleaning procedure as instructed (with those easy peasy pictures) and it was so effortless. Being a delicate item, I thought I’d have trouble cleaning it, but it was easy!

Such an amazing product definitely worth the spoil!

To order your diffuser or essential oils visit the Organic Aromas website organicaromas.co.za.
Be sure to check out their Youtube channel for product demos, see how it’s made or for videos on how to use essential oils.

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