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All Hail Kiehl’s


Kiehl’s is an internationally renowned skin, hair and body brand for both men and women. Although it has been around since 1851, it is fairly new to the South African Market, having only launched in SA in September last year.

Being the beauty junkie I am, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of their products to test them out.

I was sent a few products from the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Range as well as some products to try from their Midnight Recovery Range.

The products I received were a really great size – perfect for me to pack in my travel bag when I went to Cape Town earlier this month. Sadly though, I’ve been informed that the travel sized products will be discontinued, but still great products nonetheless.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

I am very much a “cleanser snob”. I’m very wary about trying out most cleansers (especially when they say “for all skin types”), because my skin can become sensitive if I use the wrong one. Over the years of beauty testing, I’ve discovered that I am anti soap cleansers and very pro ones that are cream, gel, milk or foam cleansers. I was quite impressed by the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, considering it says for all skin types.

The texture resembles that of a super luxe gel (minus the stickiness). If applied without water, it doesn’t foam at all. Once you apply water, it turns into a creamy texture (again no soapy foaming) and cleans the skin beautifully. The best way to use the cleanser is to apply a bit of water to your face, so that it is damp and then apply the cleanser, massaging it into your skin.

It removes all traces of dirt and is a great at removing your makeup, although I battled to remove my intense gel liner eyes and mascara. Everything else washed off nicely and my skin didn’t feel dry or sensitive.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner

This product is my fave! Because of my “can become sensitive” skin I generally avoid toners. There are only 3 toner brands that I would use on my face. Kiehl’s is now one of them. The formula of this toner comes out a lot “thicker” than most toners I’ve tried and feels absolutely amazing on the skin. There is no tingling feeling, no discomfort, no sign that you’re actually wearing toner at all.

It’s enriched with Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, but best of all, it’s got no alcohol! Something you should definitely avoid in the ingredients of a toner if you have sensitive skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer

A great moisturizer for all skin types. It helps to moisturize your skin without making it look or feel greasy and it can be used day or night. The only thing with this moisturizer is that it doesn’t have an SPF, so make sure to add an SPF after your morning routine! Yes, even in winter!

I was also sent two products from their Midnight Recovery range.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This little “miracle” is said to change your skin in 28 days! I’m a huge fan of concentrates, and I absolutely love the fact that by just applying something like this before your moisturizer (at night), you can turn your day cream into a potent night cream!

This little serum feels soothing and nurturing on the skin, but while you’re sleeping it works it’s magic, so you wake up with healthier skin. It works with the skin’s natural nocturnal activity when it is most receptive to repairing itself (at night).

Although I haven’t been using it for long enough to say that it has made a huge change, I definitely wake up with more “refreshed” skin. It looks a lot plumper and has more of a glow to it.

It’s also one of those products that has a huge following, and I’m sure millions of people from across the globe can’t be wrong!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

Similar to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Midnight Recovery Eye works at restoring your delicate eye area while you sleep. It’s got restorative essential oils and botanicals that work while you sleep to allow you to wake up with younger looking eyes.

I definitely noticed a difference, especially the day after the Bon Jovi concert. I was exhausted and had to get up fairly early (can’t spend the whole day sleeping), so I applied this eye cream to my eye area before going to bed. I expected to wake up with raccoon eyes, but you could hardly notice that I only had about five hours sleep. Great product! I will definitely keep this one in my “emergency beauty kit”.

You can get your hands on Kiehl’s in South Africa at the Kiehl’s store in Sandton or at the recently opened Kiehl’s store in Eastgate.

To find out more you can call their customer care number on 0861 001 851 or follow them on Twitter @KiehlsSA


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser – R220 for 150ml
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner – R215 for 250ml
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer – R275 for 125ml
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – R585 for 30ml
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye – R355 for 15ml

Definitely great prices for a trusted brand that has been going since 1851!

All hail Kiehl’s!

Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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