BOOKCLUB – A lost wife’s tale (March 2009)

For March’s Book Club, we’re featuring A lost wife’s tale.  The first book by author, Marion McGilvary

Follow our Book Club for Fabulous People by getting yourself a copy of this book and joining the conversation, when we open it up on the 31st March 2009.  A lost wife’s tale is available at all leading bookstores and retails at around R190.00.  You can also buy a copy online from

Story snippet

Edith Lutz doesn’t want to be found. She’s vanished in a flurry of hastily packed bags and with a new look, name and job as live-in housekeeper to divorced publisher Adam, she’s hoping to evade her past and build a new life. Again.

But she soon becomes more than just the woman who does the dishes. Lingering over summer evenings with Adam, Edith experiences love for the first time, while her boss knows nothing of the real woman he’s falling for.
Haunted by an impossible choice she faced in her youth, Edith’s been running ever since. With Adam she’s found a reason to stop. But will her past let her?

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  1. Dimi
    March 31, 2009 / 9:59 pm

    A great book! McGilvary is really a talented writer and has such an amazing, eloquent way of describing things. She really paints a magnificent picture in your mind.

    The story really “spices up” after chapter 13 when Edith’s reasons for running start coming together. There are lots of twists and unexpected turns – a key ingredient for an addictive read. I give McGilvary ten stars for this book and can’t wait for her next book!

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