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Do you decorate your home for the holidays? I’m pretty basic, in that I usually just put up a tree, maybe a wreath on the front door and that’s about it. I know some people go all out with decor, but I’m more on the simplistic side.

This season however, I’ve seen a ton of cute festive home-wear that’s inspired me to maybe take it up a notch. I’m not talking about your classic, overly shiny Christmas decor, but rather something that’s festive, without being too OTT.

Something like…


  • A cute Statue Reindeer from @Home
  • Wooden Star LED lights from Woolworths
  • A delicious Gingerbread scented candle from Zara Home (which smells amazing!
  • Delightful, 4 Piece gold Cutlery Set from David Jones at Woolworths
  • Red and White Pebble Lollipop Christmas Stocking from Skinny laMinx
  • Black and white Swiss 01 Christmas Stockings from Zana
  • A cute Christmas Cushion Cover from H&M
  • This totally adorable bearded Gnome Doorstop from Zara Home

The tree will of course go up, but I think these little bits will give my home the finished, festive touch with a bit a playfulness, while still keeping it bright and summery.

My biggest thing with traditional Christmas Decor is that the green and red often looks too dark and wintery for our sunny weather outside. Maybe it’s just a mind thing, but these little accessories will definitely fit a lot better with what’s happening through the windows outside.

What’s your take on festive decor? Do you go all out, do you just put up a tree or do you create  your own style?

Let me know in the comments below.



Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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