Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Makeup Collection

Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Makeup Collection

Around this time of year in Europe and the U.S the excitement of Spring is all most can think about. It’s a time for bright, new horizons and warmer weather. This time of year, for me is all about getting ready to ditch the heat and welcome the cold! But not before getting one last bit of warmer weather excitement with the latest CHANEL Makeup Collection for Spring Summer 2019.

Feast your eyes on VISION D’ASIE: L’ART DU DÉTAIL. A collection all about depth and refinement that includes Lucia Picca’s signature play on light and the luminous architecture it builds.

“You cannot live with a limited horizon. It is stifling.” Gabrielle Chanel

A captivating collection that is so on point for makeup goals 2019! Goals to glow, goals to sparkle, goals to showcase that natural beauty. And my personal favourite – skin that features pearly luminescent strokes and the subtlest hint of definition.

I got to play with some of the items in this collection, and I know I say this a lot, but I’m obsessed!

Everything about this collection is beautiful! Makeup that will not only work for right now, but for next season too, possibly even the next.

It’s classic, but with a hint of “need right now” added to the mix and something definitely worth checking out.

For the eyes…

I got to play with the Ombre Première Crème in (840) Platine Bronze which is a creamy, metallic eye shadow. I love these creamy shadows from Chanel because they work wonders on their own, but when you add them under powder or shimmer eyeshadow (as a base) they make the shadow pop even more.

On its own though, I love the almost antique bronze shade. It looks a little bit brighter in my pic, but that’s the beauty of this shadow – is that it changes with how the light hits it. Also with how you apply it. You can go from subtle to full on and both ways it looks amaze.

For the lips…

I got to sample two of the lip offerings. Rouge Allure Liquid Powder in (964) Bittersweet which is a beautiful violet fuchsia shade (the other, Electric Blossom is a retro orange), as well as the Rouge Allure Velvet in (71) Nuance (the other two are Infrarose – a perfect raspberry pink and Imperial – a roof red).

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick (as it lasts long and I personally love matte textures). And of course, the newer Rouge Allure Liquid Powders –  as they have the most incredible feel, longevity and I love that you can use them to create a bit of subtle colour or full on pigment!

Love, love, love them both to bits. And the colours are perfect! Bittersweet is a lovely shade to wear when I’m feeling the bold lip vibe, and Nuance is the perfect peach nude shade. Now, I love a good nude, but I’ve always struggled to find one that doesn’t make me look deadly. Nuance has that nude with a slight apricot twist that makes it my perfect nude!

For the nails…

I got to test out the glorious Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in (646) Bleached Mauve (the other is Techno Bloom – A bold neon pink)It’s beautiful! Worn on long or short nails, and with my currently sun-kissed skin it’s like an elegant extension of my fingernails.

I’ve worn it non-stop this Feb and received so many compliments. Yes, it’s beige, but far, far from boring! This one gets noticed and it reminds me so much of that effect a pair of sexy Louboutin nude patent platforms has on elongating your legs, but this time, for your fingertips!

Now of course, I’ve saved my best for last. The Face collection.

Get ready to swoon!

When I saw a preview of the VISION D’ASIE: L’ART DU DÉTAIL collection I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Chanel Multi-Use Glow Sticks… BAUME ESSENTIEL.

My oh my are these perfection in every sense of the word!

If you’re all about that Instagram Glow, then you’ll fall in love with these. Not only do they glide on gloriously, but they give your skin the most incredible, “wet-look” glow. They are amazing!

Honestly, if I didn’t have to conceal my patchy melasma, I’d wear these and only these! Forget foundation all together – these make the skin look insane!

Think natural glow that captures the light in the most magnificent way!

Even with my uneven patchy skin and no foundation, I still make these work! While my melasma still peeks through, the way the BAUME ESSENTIEL stick diffuses the light makes it look far less noticeable.

I recon if you don’t like foundation but want that insta-glow, this is how you get it! Sans the glitter, shimmer and faux sparkle. These create that fresh-out of the shower or pool, dewy look that lasts all day.

They come in two shades; BAUME ESSENTIEL Transparent and BAUME ESSENTIEL Sculpting, and yes, you need both! Trust me!

You can apply them straight off the stick (onto clean, foundation free skin) or if you still need coverage from foundation (like me) but want that insta-glow then swirl your fingertip into the BAUME ESSENTIEL stick and dab the product onto the areas you want to highlight.

The effect will mesmerise you! The only thing I can compare the colour and effect to is my trusty (and beloved) MAC Cream Colour base in Shell (which I apply the same way – dabbing over the skin). Only BAUME ESSENTIEL seems to have more of a wet look and the texture feels a bit silkier than my Cream Colour Base.

I mean wow right!?!?!

The full CHANEL VISION D’ASIE: l’art du détail SPRING SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION launched this month, which means you can get your hands on it right now!

Don’t miss out! You will regret it 🙂

South African Prices:

  • BAUME ESSENTIEL: R765 (Transparent, Sculpting)
  • OMBRE PREMIÈRE CRÈME: R580 (Platine Bronze) 
  • ROUGE ALLURE VELVET: R615 (Nuance, Infrarose, Imperial)
  • ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER: R615 (Electric Blossom, Bittersweet)
  • LE VERNIS: R455 (Bleached Mauve, Techno Bloom)
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