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Now that the temperature had dropped (brrrr) skincare routines need to be updated. I mean, who want’s to lose their glorious glow just because it’s cold out? Never mind that, but in a time where over 1000 selfies are taken every second worldwide, perfect skin is the number one beauty concern we as women have.

We can fake it with filters and makeup, edits and digital enhancements, but who really has time for all that? Imagine if your skin looked like the beautify filter on Instagram, even when you’re caught in the flesh!

With ongoing perfection in mind, Filorga has created a whole new range of super-perfecting radiance products that will give you that perfect skin – sans the filter.

The Filorga Oxygen-Glow line up consists of 4 targeted products to CLEAN, MASK and MOISTURISE both the SKIN and EYES. It’s a complete perfection range – all in pretty blush pink packaging – with each product containing a unique double-perfection formula at its core!

The formula contains skin boosting ingredients to intensify the flawless skin action. Nasturtium Extract energizes the skin and provides radiance, a Hyaluronic Acid Duo to plump and smooth, L-Enzyme to detox, plus a unique Photoperfector-HD Illuminating Technology -with soft-focus agents and pearlescent particles- to give you an immediate result and reveal naturally glowing skin.

Clear Skin-Effect Super Cleanser

Clean, moisturise and detoxify the skin in one go with Oxygen-Glow Clean (R360 for 125ml). I’ve had my fair share of cleanser mishaps, and I know beauties always recommend splurging on a moisturiser and using a cheap cleanser. No sir ree! For me, if my skin feels dry and taught after cleansing, no amount of moisturiser will help to repair the damage that stupid cleansing causes. So I take this step very seriously.

What I love about this cleanser is that a small amount goes a really long way and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and itchy. Rather, my skin feels clean and cared for, plus it removes makeup like a dream.

Super-Perfecting Express Mask

For those days when your skin feels like it needs an extra boost of radiance – or a quick fix, Oxygen-Glow Mask (R610 for 75ml) is like swiping left to apply the beautify filter. Packed with gluconolactone, grapefruit extract and papain, this ingredient trio works to provide your skin with a peeling-effect. It gets to work in ten minutes to shed the dullness and bring out the glow.

I like to use it two to three times a week as my skin hasn’t lost it’s natural glow just yet, but for those days when you feel like you need the extra glow, you can use it daily as a seven-day intensive treatment.

The texture is creamy and luxurious so it feels really good while it sits on your skin.

Super-Perfecting Radiance Cream

The Crème de la crème and a moisturiser that is definitely worth the splurge. Oxygen-Glow Cream (R725 for 50ml) is pure indulgence in a pot. Now, as you probably already know, I’m a huge fan of of Filorga’s Moisturisers, and this one is no exception. What I do really love about it, besides the targeted-glow-factor – that also helps to smooth, plump and detoxify the skin, is that it’s got a little hidden treasure.

A special colour-control peptide that helps to unify the complexion; which means you can go bare faced but still look glowing and beautiful. There is no obvious sparkle or colour in the product, but the way it melts into the skin, yet leaves it glowing makes me happy for no-makeup days (which I’ve started embracing a lot more these days).

Another tip is to mix it in with your foundation to achieve that dewy, glowy skin with minimal coverage. Or you can go full face foundation by applying your makeup over top. It provides a wonderful, cared for canvas that works well with foundation application straight onto it. Oh, and the smell… Glorious!

Super-Smoothing Radiance Eye Care

Revive, moisturise and detox the sensitive eye area with Oxygen-Glow Eyes (R555 for 15ml). This wonder eye cream contains a special tripeptide for targeting dark circles, together with providing a smoothing effect and a highlighting effecting all in one.

For a bit of an extra, el natural glow, you can use this under the brow bone as well to add subtle illumination. The texture is almost like a cream-gel but I really love how it absorbs, which means I don’t end up with eye cream going into my eyes resulting in waterworks – one of the things I usually hate about eye cream. I was really impressed with how snappy it absorbed into the skin and didn’t feel slippery.

This full range of products is available right now (it launched officially in South Africa in March) and you can find it at selected Edgars, Red Square and Clicks Store.

For the full glow factor on using the entire range you’d be looking at R2250 which is pretty amazing, considering that some moisturizers cost that alone. Considering a small amount goes a long way, I reckon you could get three months usage from these products which comes down to R750 a month.

Not bad at all.

Dimi Ingle
Dimi Ingle

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