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Free your Fire – YSL LIBRE Fragrance

Free your Fire – YSL LIBRE Fragrance

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a fragrance review here on StyleScoop, but man oh man am I excited about this one. The new LIBRE fragrance from YSL Beauty ticks all my fragrance boxes.

It’s sexy, seductive, bright and the warm vanilla touch makes it a perfect cozy fragrance! Just what I’ve been looking for. In addition, it has uber smouldering notes of lavender. Something that is very much found in mens fragrances, but works majestically in this one – because of a very special process!

LIBRE is freestyle take on the fougère, a classic style for men’s fragrances featuring lavender. Anne Flipo’s provocative move was to gender-bend it into a feminine scent, just like Yves Saint Laurent retailored the tuxedo for women.

Launched internationally towards the end of 2019, LIBRE by YSL is a timeless Oriental fragrance that appeals to women.

It opens with bright notes of Mandarin Orange (another note you’ll find in men’s fragrances), Lavender, Black Current and Petitgrain (giving it a double burst of citrus).

As someone who has been into fragrances since I could afford to splurge on the designer brands, I don’t believe I’ve ever come across the Petitgrain note before. At least not in any of the fragrances I’ve sniffed or collected over the years. But the combination and the opening zesty burst of this fragrance is absolutely knee-weakening! The same kind of knee weakening you get from a lot of mens fragrances. But again, this one is for women – although, to be perfectly honest, a man could probably wear it, however the cozy indulgence and jasmine note that develops at the heart of the fragrance may make your man think twice about swiping your fragrance.

The middle notes comprise of JasmineOrange Blossom and again, more LavenderDiva Lavender – which is a new cultivar grown in low mountain areas of Provence in France. I can’t actually get enough of Lavender – and this coming from someone who used to think I hated the smell of lavender. Well, that was before my nose could decipher the very distinct difference between high quality natural lavender and some el-cheapo chemically created lavender notes. But that, is a topic for another time. Lets just leave it at I adore lavender! 

I do think it’s worth a mention that YSL’s sustainably sourced Diva Lavender is hand harvested where the stem and flower are first steam-distilled to produce 100% essential oil. The oil is then fractioned with CO2 to eliminate the more masculine facets of the note and to give it a more  floral expression. This essence is also exclusive to the house of YSL.

Once the fragrance develops fully, distinct notes of Vanilla give it a cozy vibe coupled with the spice and seduction of Cedar, Ambergris and Musk.

All in all this is a knee-weakening, soul awakening, feel good fragrance that will blow your mind!

Find YSL LIBRE at Woolworths Foschini and Truworths stores nationwide.

30ml EDP – RRSP 1060
50ml EDP – RRSP 1570
90ML EDP – RRSP 2050

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